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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerbell View Post

    I have been dating someone new, I think he is an INTJ, and has a fairly high flying job so is fairly time poor. He is very keen to seal the deal, I've yet to meet a man who didn't want to jump on my bones at the first opportunity but this guy is pressure.

    I made it clear it wasn't going to be an instant thing and he got all huffy.... and dissapeared, only to turn up in New York for work... like he must have known that was on the cards and didn't tell me.

    Anyways, a week before he gets back I get the message from him saying he had a same sex experience, he is in his late 30s so in my head its a much bigger deal than just a one night stand. Anyway he also claimed the guy in question was also having his first same sex experience, the odds of mature men suddenly getting it on independently must be quite slim? I wonder if this might be a ruse to try and get me into the sack quicker than I feel comfortable with.

    I'm an NT type, and I know most NTs I've met find the whole casual sex thing quite off putting, I've typed him, so I may be wrong, but would an INTJ have a gay experience if left to his own devices as a mature person.

    any thoughts... let me know


    Forget the whole gay thing for a moment. This is a guy who's pressured you for sex and now you suspect he's playing a ruse to put more pressure on you. Is this a guy you want to be with? What kind of twat tries to get a women into bed by professing to be on the fence about his sexuality? Weird.

    My last partner was bisexual probably leaning towards gay. He was still sorting it out and didn't play that card with me at all. It's not type related unless the type you are talking about is 'arse'.

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    thanks for these responses, its kind of caught me at the trying the flog a dead horse, I'm prone to that, I meet so few blokes i'm interested in that sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees. He's not exactly keen, he is horribly time poor because of his work role but still that just means I'm signing up to be a door mat. Anyways high time I cut this guy loose. Thanks for your thoutghts

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