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    Quote Originally Posted by Chthonic View Post
    Yes it is. But the flipside is that a lot of people who would otherwise be unemployed have an income. So I suppose if nothing else corporates provide a living to many regardless of what they contribute.
    You... I... That... You.... Ugh, yes, it's probably better that I'm not in charge of all of them. I got a distinct "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" feeling when I read that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chthonic View Post
    If only such places existed...
    Quote Originally Posted by digesthisickness View Post
    Oh, I agree that there's nothing wrong at all with starting as a grunt. Just in that particular situation, it was more about who-you-know than what-you-know. So.

    It's always about who you know in the business world (and I suppose it helps to have skillz ).
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