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    My solution is to complete what task gives you that sense, then put it in a mind closet until you get the result of your work.

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    Remedying it wouldn't be effective at this point, as once you get used to that sort of thing you tend to attempt to achieve more with the time at hand. If I slowed down at all, I'd end up with numerous unfinished things as I'd have taken on too much. Rectifying this sort of efficiency (or the desire for it) would not only require me to adjust most of my actions, but it'd require me to reassess how many things I'd be able to complete given the new time estimates. That being said, I've never tried to fix it, to the annoyance of the majority of my friends.
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    Well, I do agree that I am silently impatient when I'm doing things with other people. I don't like waiting for people, which is probably the reason I'm a loner. I tend to find that other people are an annoyance and merely slow things down. Alas, I also don't have the power to do things on my own. So while I'm not interested in wealth, per say, I think a certain amount of it is essential in order to be more independent.

    As far as redundancy, it would depend on what you mean. There are times where I often repeat myself, but that's because other people don't seem to understand me. But I also have a habit of getting caught in loopholes of many sorts (logical, creative, emotional, etc.), and I'll end up repeating myself.

    And sometimes my wishes played out in the world do not match with what I had in mind, so I will often have to adapt and start making or loosening up rules as I go along. I'll usually expand parameters if I think the task could be made better.

    As for getting the job done, that mostly depends if the job holds my attention and whether or not I care about it. I have a habit of putting things off if I have it locked in my mind that my way won't work or if I just don't want to do them (those reasons are mostly because I think the tasks are pointless and uninspired). I also also throw out an idea or project if I feel it's not going anywhere. There are times where I just wish I could direct others and guide them to follow through on my projects. Oftentimes, that doesn't work, so I end up doing it my way again, for reasons alluded to in the first paragraph.

    And there are other times where I would just prefer to bounce an idea onto another and have him/her work on the practical details.

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