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    High school - 2.4 GPA (4.0 scale) / 34 ACT; 1510 SAT
    Undergrad- 3.96 GPA
    Grad school - 3.9 GPA
    Post-Grad - different scale, but comparable to previous collegiate years

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    High School was maybe 3.5 overall.

    1940 SAT, 32 ACT

    I did great in Freshman and Sophomore year, then I got dopey with the last two (although I picked the end of Senior year.)
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    Out of my 12 years of schooling, I'm an -A student
    I N V I C T U S

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    I did fairly well in school.
    I graduated with a 3.7-ish GPA and got a 1550 on the SAT (800 Math).
    My high school was pretty easy. I would have done a lot better if I didn't take on so many AP classes (about 15).

    I was put on an ultra-accelerated track so I took classes with people one and two years older than me for the most part. I didn't skip a grade- instead I took all the APs that I missed the first time around. I would either get a 3.5 or a 4.0 for the semester- it depended on how much of a shit I gave about my work.

    High school helped me develop an obsession with alcohol since I felt I needed it to get people to like me. I was seen as a nerd simply for being smart- I am nerdy in some ways but the people I was trying to impress.. I wouldn't call nerds at all. I rationalized that I would always be smart, so I sacrificed many nights that could have been spent doing work partying hard. I did this as well in college.

    I ended freshman year with a 2.8 and have plans to bring it up! I'm happy that I am part of a fraternity which emphasizes and supports academic success. I'm a little bummed by this because I really wanted to major in Math but got a C+ in Multivariable Calculus.. blah. Makes me wish I didn't drink so much.
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    I did not do well in school, neither primary or secondary. Though I cannot remember with much clarity, my Mum tells me that I hated school from day one, and I then continued to hate school with rare relief until I left school at sixteen. There are few memories which I take away from my schooling which I recall fondly, and at eleven years old, upon entering secondary school, I actually vowed to never look upon my primary school ever again (the vow was kept until I moved away and not until last month did I finally break it).

    However, my experience was no better at secondary school, which perhaps I disliked even more, and I was always in trouble of some kind, usually for not doing or completing assignments. In fact, I most likely averaged about two or three detentions per week, many of which were rolled over and added to from detentions which I didn't attend the week before. There was noise on some ocassions of suspending--and even expelling--me from school, but I was not so proactively disobedient, more often rather noncompliant, and never did anything which really put my place in school at risk. That said, at the time it wouldn't have been unwelcome.

    The experience of school is not one I wish to repeat. Furthermore, there were other problems, especially with friends with who I grew apart and eventually broke from, and there were problems at home with an alcoholic Dad and a Mum always one step short of leaving for good, heated arguments were a constant. I remember on one ocassion, at forteen, when we were given some freedom to choose which subjects we wanted to study for our GCSEs, I was told by the head of the art department that should I select art that she would see to it that I was not accepted, such was my attitude in her classes*.

    The final exams of secondary schools here in the UK are called GCSEs. I took eight tests, and didn't turn up for a ninth. My results were four Cs, four Ds, and one Unclassified.

    * I enjoy art and love to draw. In fact, I spent more time sketching and doodling in other classes than I did in art class, but in art class I would never do what the teacher told me to do, instead I would sit myself in the corner and just draw whatever I liked. There was more than one ocassion when my teacher, frustrated and agry with my disobedience, would take whatever I was doing, tear it up and throw it away. I hated her with passion, but instead of putting up a fight, I would simply get another piece of paper and start again (she eventually gave up and left me to it).
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    apathetic underachiever, etc.

    i dropped out of HS and got my GED at the end of 10th grade.

    i was always in trouble. getting into trouble was a result of trying to cure my boredom. i didn't do most homework, nor care what the required amount of pages for a report was - if i could explain the subject sufficiently in 2, then i'd only hand in 2 pages. i skipped class a lot, usually to hang out in the library or go to the cafeteria and socialize. school didn't even seem geared towards learning past a certain point. it seemed like it was more intended to practically turn kids into robots who did what they were told and never questioned authority (we call them SJs in mbti...just kidding...kinda )

    i loved anthropology and biology class, though.

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    I am a notorious underachiever too!!!

    I have and get a lot of Fs and As.

    I am not studious, but I am capable of pulling some magical shit out of my ass, hence my getting some As.
    'Cause you can't handle me...

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    Kindergarten.. did well.. moved..

    Elementary, not sure how well I did at the first one. Moved after 2nd Grade, and wound up in an accelerated program where they bussed 3 of us halfway across the city one day a week. Was probably the best class in my pre-college academic career..

    Moved after 5th grade, didn't adapt to the new school, got into a lot of fights.. suspension, expulsion.. finally figured out my temper halfway through 8th grade.. spent the rest of my high school career as a sociable recluse and basically failed everything. I think my GPA was somewhere around 1.2. I scored a 32 on the ACT, and tested into the 99th percentile in every standardized test they gave me, I just couldn't stand doing homework.

    Went to college for a year and a half.. wound up getting mono and missing 60% of a quarter, failed English twice because the professors wholeheartedly believe that to get a decent grade, you actually have to turn in a paper.. ran out of money and quit going back in '05..

    I've finally shaken off most of that and I'm heading back to college this fall. ^_^ Let's hope that goes better, heh.

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    I did terrible in school. I was too busy being a rebel. I threw away homework assignments and took 0s. I hated schoolwork. I loved school, though.
    "When a resolute young fellow steps up the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find that it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    I did well in school. I don't know when I have to start college, but worry about paying for it is making me depressed. I also was talking to my buddy and he says that you're pretty much gonna have to go to grad school in order to get noticed in the work place. I told him to put a bullet in my head if that's the truth. Because if that's the truth, I'll get a job as a roadie or something. I do well in school because I'm able to turn into an ISTJ when I'm in class. (If I have my music that is) But otherwise, I get easily distracted.

    I never did well in school until my last two years in high school I never did homework, because I never saw the point. I did well on tests and quizes but since I never did homework, my grade was a .025 when I transfered. But I actually graduated about six months aheadmof when they thought I was gonna graduate.

    But I suspect that the emotional and verbal abuse I suffered at the hands of the kids from the end of first to 7 grade may have played a role in my academic progress.

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