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    I nearly sucked in anything xD. The good thing is, I only invested as much time as it needed to score average.

    I am very good in math, while I suck in physics. Freelance Writing and Music are also talents, I have. But interpretation I suck at. I was hardly able to pinpoint the underlying metaphor a general poem has, due to not being able to see any underlying metaphors at all or just interpreting things differently. I guess interpretation is a more personal and emotional thing and it should be left to ones own pov, though I understand the need to present a general interpretation that things dont get too far off. My teachers never granted that much space. (I remember some school friends who already sucked ass by the time and study now to become the teachers of tomorrow -.-)

    My biggest shot in schooltime was my last exam that is given verbally and is one of four exams that qualify you for an university education. The topic was religion and I was given 30 minutes to prepare my speech on a text I was given and then spoke for about 45 minutes. The teachers kept nodding and asking questions nicely and I kept talking and becoming more and more secure about my speech, due to the teachers being that nicely. When I left the room, I was pretty high, happy grabbed a beer being sure I kicked ass. After an hour the results came back and I was given 1 Point out of 15, what resembles a D- xDDD. (it gets even more worse, when you know the grade was a 5- on a scale from 1-6 xD)

    That really sucked, it ruined my arithmetic average by 0.3 points and had it been zero points I would have failed the whole 3 year exam.

    Vote yes for religion *signed* xDD


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    Right now I'm in high school, and I will (hopefully ) graduate the next year.

    In comprehensive school I was pretty much an average student.

    Just a little while ago I messed up my room as I was looking for my lost (infP) report card I received after the last term and will have to return tomorrow, and then I noticed this thread

    So... The grades in the Finnish high school are from 4 to 10, 4 being the worst (means you haven't managed to pass the course). 9 and 10 are commonly considered excellent (well, 10 IS excellent), 7 and 8 average and grades below 6 indicate rather bad progress in the subject.

    Finnish and literature: 8
    I kind of like this subject, and I consider myself a talented writer, though I don't really enjoy our regular teacher too much. She bounces from one topic to another without any logical order and makes us write just too much essays and writings and so on. She's a really nice person, though (ENFP?).

    Swedish: 9
    English: 9
    German: 9

    I like foreign languages!
    I seem to have a knack for languages and grammatical things. They are quite easy for me to understand. I also find the structures of different languages very interesting. I'm interested in idioms, the origin of words, and so on.

    Mathematics: 6
    I don't like mathematics. I make too much stupid mistakes.

    Biology: 8
    Geography: 8

    I really do love the natural sciences and the nature itself as well. I love animals. I love plants. I love to learn more about the fine structures of nature. Genetics, structure of cells, metabolism, ecological things like the circulation of carbon and nitrogen and... (These subjects have also the best teachers I love them as well.)
    The only problem is that I'm really bad in writing essay answers in the exams. I forget or leave out too many (sometimes important) details and return the exam wondering why I have so very much shorter answers than the others. I also write the answers in a rather chaotic manner bouncing from one topic to another (and the teacher writes many question marks).

    Physics: 7
    Chemistry: 8

    I don't like physics, but I really like chemistry. I understand the laws and reactions and everything chemistry-related way better than something like electricity or force or work or voltage or resistance or pendulums or falling objects or something.

    History: 8
    Social studies: 9

    I like history much more... And - I really do not understand - AT ALL - where that 9 in social studies came from! Because: I happen to hate social studies, I don't know anything even nearly as BORING as studying something like politics (DUH!) or economical issues (DUH!). BOOORING.
    I hate social studies!

    Psychology: 8
    Psychology is interesting. (If it wasn't, what would I be doing here? )
    Though... now we are studying mental diseases and that makes me rather uncomfortable. I don't particularly love to hear our teacher telling how her psychotic friend saw leafy branches growing from her fingertips.

    Music: 9
    Arts: 9

    I enjoy different kinds of arts very much. I play the guitar, and I practice several types of visual arts during my leisure time. I love going deeper into the world of arts and learning different techniques, art history and so on.

    Sports: 7
    I have strong antipathies toward sports at school. I have never been very good at sports and I was the common target of laughing
    Fortunately I have passed the compulsory courses a long time ago so I don't have to study (what the hell is "studying" by throwing a rubber/plastic ball around for two hours?) sports anymore.

    Health studies: 7
    I blame the teacher! He was an old, stereotypical male sports teacher wearing a badly-fitting tracksuit and smelly sneakers and was just wandering and bouncing around the room muttering random thoughts and never did anything really beneficial for us students.

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    Zilch challenge through elementary and middle school, but I then went on to attend one of the "leading" (yeah, right) and most highly competitive high schools in the country, resulting in those years of conditioned laziness and unconscentiousness pwning me, and by now I'm officially a no good procrastinator, an underachiever. Nevertheless, I'm about to graduate from my high school with an above average GPA, which I can do nothing but appreciate, and get a much more average Abitur diploma of my own (2.9 out of 6, lower is better, as entropie pointed out), for which I'm pretty much thankful for, as it will nevertheless help me with pursuing higher education abroad.

    All in all, the word that would describe my education years so far would be "inaction".
    Not really.

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    I've always been a procrastinator, and I was able to get away with it for the first few years of college, but I've found I can't anymore. I had a 3.7 GPA after the first 3 years (which could have been higher if I didn't procrastinate so much. It bugs the hell out of my ENTJ dad who wishes he had my academic abilities back in the day and "just knows" that I could do something with my life if I had the hard work and discipline that he has.), and after 1 year it dropped to a 3.3. (That's definitely not going to look good for graduate schools. sigh)

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    I hated the excessive structure of highschool, and was always labeled 'the underachiever'. I was coming about 7th in the grade of 120 people, but everybody above me (and around me) in the rankings was putting at least 3x more effort into the same work. My strongest were mathematics and physics, and in class when one of the 'smarter' people (our classes were streamed) got stuck on a problem, if the teacher was busy I would be the one they would come to for clarification. For finals I actually ended up studying, and got As for everything except English and French (Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Programming, Geography)

    I hate rote memorization, it just doesn't work for me. I can remember methodologies and techniques perfectly, and can explain them so that anybody can understand them, but sometimes when implementing them myself I'll make stupid mistakes (add instead of subtract kinda stuff).

    Now that I'm in University I'm loving it. The lack of structure allows me to adapt my lifestyle to do what works best for me. I don't need to do homework to be able to get high grades, paying attention in class and a quick review of the outlines of the work starting a couple days before tests makes it easy for me to get top 5% grades.

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    School is okay. The thing about it is that although I have the intelligence to understand the work quite easily, I have no motivation to commit myself to doing it. I'm a huge procrastinator. I find in high school marks can vary greatly as well depending on who your teacher is. It can technically be the exact same course curriculum, but if you have a different teacher from someone you will be taught different and you can earn marks either more easily or harder. I personally do pretty good in school so far, (I've only not gone on honour roll one semester when I had two sciences and a math), considering I don't really try. I have a lot of friends who are a lot more concerned about school than I can ever imagine being. You'll see my marks drop once something is a bit hard and I don't feel like trying. The reason why I don't take biology, chem, or physics. My interests are in art and design, stuff like that, which for some reason I don't take many courses of, because my parents expect more from me. It's kind of sad actually. Don't know how I'll deal in University.

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    hmm..I hated the teachers and the daily routine getting up at 7am thing. When I got to highschool, I saw it still hadn't improved, so I homeschooled myself and finished 2 years early. Still haven't gone to college yet.

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    Imagine a cake. Everything about it is fine, except that some ass decided to throw raisins into the batter. I hate raisins in a cake; they throw off the texture.

    My "career" as a student (k-12, college is looming) can be compared to eating this cake. Easy and pretty smooth, except for the occasional raisin on your fork (Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Spanish II, gross fajitas, and hicks). The cake eating is going alright, but you eventually hit a point where you don't want to eat any more of it. Your stomach is full, and you may vomit if someone shakes you. But, the cake is almost done, so you power it down, collapse where you sit, and digest. Some parts of the cake are absorbed as nutrients, and some expelled as waste.

    Then you do this:

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    The teachers are great in my school, mainly because they enable my nerdiness. Due to that, I do pretty well. I however wish it were more challanging, because I'd be more diligent in my work if I actually had to try at some things.

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    It was a roller coaster. Gifted child, lazy teenager. Did very well up to age 18, went to Uni, got bored, dropped out and didn't graduate. Later, I joined a profession and ended up top of the country in my professional exams. So, it's been ups and downs!

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