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    Quote Originally Posted by Jae Rae View Post
    My experience with NTs is they aren't good at saying how much they like or appreciate you. They DO things for you, spend time with you, talk and write to you and listen attentively. Boredom is the kiss of death for an NT, so if he/she is in a relationship with you (and you're not a relative, and even then...) it means you are appreciated and considered worthy.

    An ENTP friend once told me "I'm stingy with my time [and think of how much time we spend together.]" The last part wasn't actually said, it was understood, and the whole of it was meant as a compliment.
    Yeah, an INFJ I know is very stingy with her time, I put in effort to skip lectures and hang out and stuff though. I don't express appreciation to friends much, I make sure to do all of the above and show that I am a true friend. Other people I tend to not actually listen to much...

    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    cold rational logic: "I love you and this will never change"

    And after that, it will indeed never change

    When I get help from a stranger, I try to let them know exactly how much it meant to me, even if it was something like exchanging cash or telling me the time. Last time I put on my nice big grin () and said "thank you so so much, I owe you one".

    ...But does this count as faking it?
    ENTP: "They are the best of all the Thinkers at showing emotion, but it is hard to tell if they are faking it or not".

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    Get us drunk and ask us questions. We are downright gushy with our appreciation! Of course, we have to kill you afterward. A small price to pay for hearing an INTP's inner thoughts.
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