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    ^ too much work. She wants to date him, not be his therapist.
    sigh. People and their baggage.
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    As another (female) ESTP involved with an INTP....

    I can relate to the comments made by Lowend about needing to ask him the right questions - "What's up?" almost never gets a sensible response... I try to identify the problem "Was your boss being a *&%^ again today?" usually acts as a starting point and from there we can work out what's up....

    From what you have described, it does sound like he's interested in more than friendship. If he's been hurt in the past he may be holding back. My INTP tends to bury his emotions - they are very rarely anywhere near the surface - that's not to say they don't exist which can be the impression to those that don't know him very well.

    I have found that we do talk at cross purposes at times and occaisionally neither of us make the slightest bit of sense to the other - that's him being strong "N" and me being strong "S" generally though.

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    ESTP-INTP relations are that of supervision where INTP is the supervisee in this couple (description of these relations). In descriptions of this relationship type it says that supervisee can feel awkward and childish about approaching the supervisor with own problems or talking about his or her feelings.

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    How unfortunate.

    The Researcher

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