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    Quote Originally Posted by Personality Analyst View Post
    Yes. I have a strong Fi, and come across as FP-ish when defending values that are being attacked or violated without justification. People get shocked when they see me flare up in these moments, as usually I appear calm and aloof.
    I suppose the E1 is arguing that the value held is 'right' - and 'don't be wrong', while the E4 is arguing that the value held is 'me' - and 'don't reject me'. Both can be expressions of Fi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambling View Post
    I suppose the E1 is arguing that the value held is 'right' - and 'don't be wrong', while the E4 is arguing that the value held is 'me' - and 'don't reject me'. Both can be expressions of Fi.
    That's an excellent distinction.
    "One man is worth ten thousand if he is extraordinary" - Heraclitus
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCheeseBurgerKing View Post
    Well what i mean is two polar differnces.

    Theres the chill and very inciteful intj that i see all over this forum, who i like alot. The same intj were the like able straight a students in highscholl who would help me with hw all the time and were always really cool.

    There also a type of intj that is a total douche. Still great acheivements academically, competent in sports and related actuvities, but not nearly as pleasant. Much more conrolling and very in your face.

    Now that im typing this i feel like an idiot bc it just sounds like im describing an entj, maybe i am, but i remember watching @Azure Flame 's videos a while ago and seeing him talk about these types of intjs that are really competitive (and obvious 3s) that are also intellectual (could be confused with istp), but totally different from intjs like (presumably you) and others on this forum, as well as nerdy yet loveable math and engineering professors around the world. Really sounds like im describing entjs, ha idk. Your turn to talk. Lol.

    What do you think?
    I think we can all imagine a douchebag spectrum, in which everybody, regardless of type, has a place somewhere. I like to think I'm not very close to the less favorable end of that spectrum.

    As for differences between INTJs, if it's to separate us further into sub-categories I would say we're either predominantly intellectual, emotional or pragmatic. Every once in a while you see a funny one too.

    Although I could again say this of most types, some more than others.

    Quote Originally Posted by childofprodigy View Post
    1. The Nerd INTJs

    Most likely core 5 or 6w5...The most intellectual of the INTJs...Spends all their time philosophizing/intellectualizing on the armchair and/or engaging in intellectual arguments with random people on the internet (favorite topic: which type has highest IQ??!!) and only on some occasion gets up and actually do something in the real world (unless they're 3-fixed or 8-fixed...3/8 fixers are more industrious)...The most INTP-ish of the INTJs, especially if ILI-Ni...The ILI-Te subtype of this INTJ flavor probably make the best strategist/mastermind...usually underdeveloped Se...
    This my shit.

    (sans the IQ part, I'm not a fan of that)

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