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    Quote Originally Posted by five sounds View Post
    ^ i do this a lot. i have songs i go to and will listen to over and over. i find beauty in the repetition, and use it almost like a chant or something. it has an incredible power to soothe me. i do this with music i'm already familiar with, or will saturate myself with new music that i fall in love with until it starts to become familiar feeling so i can use it for that purpose.
    I often find that I don't even like a musical piece until it's become extremely familiar. It's always a pleasant surprise when I suddenly realize I like something I'd prior neglected.

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    I don't dislike new music, but I have been known to have an issue with music that sounds like a rip-off of another song I've heard. Unless, of course, it's a great cover song. I can really get into those. Awesome remakes of past loves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ALL-HAIL-ME View Post
    ...but I prefer the beautiful chaos that exists when I am messy...
    WHAT? NO. NOPE. Does not compute! Circuits are frying!!! *shudder*

    Ok, so I came mostly just to say that. I just can not fathom this, at all. It is truly beyond me that someone can garner some sort of enjoyment or benefit from a mess. I generally am on the messier side of things, but it drives me nuts the ENTIRE time I am and I dislike it. It's mostly that I am super lazy and hate cleaning. Though, most say I am not that messy. I digress.

    Quote Originally Posted by ALL-HAIL-ME View Post
    But when it comes in cleaning my glasses, I become super meticulous and detail-focused. That thing that I have with wanting my glasses to be super clean first occured when I was 15. Before that age, they were the most dirty glasses that you could see. I am still very bored to clean them daily, so I clean them every two weeks. But when I do it, I transform into this OCDed creature that is focused only in cleaning its glasses. Is this indicative of inferior Si or does it indicate that I am obsessed with the one thing that helps me see (I'm in the 5.00 diopter range by the way)?
    I am exactly the same (down to the detail that my perscription is -5.5). When I was a kid they were messy, but now I am anal about them. However, my drive for that is I just take really good care of all of my things. In particular the expensive ones.

    I really don't think this is a sign of inferior Si. However, unless you gain some sort of small joy out of this. Our inferior functions can help recharge us a lot even though we largely don't use, or dislike them. When I use Se in some ways I feel like I am on cloud nine.

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