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    Maths or physics?

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    As you said, "INTJ or INTP" threads are all over the internet. And yet they supposedly have completely different cognitive functions. So maybe those two types aren't as different as function theory would lead you to believe. You're not the only person by any means who relates about equally well to Ni and Ne, and to Ti and Te, so it doesn't make much sense to think that two of those would be your dom/aux functions and the other two would be your shadow functions. Any thoughts on whether you're more J or P?

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    Sorry, I haven't responded for awhile. I think it's been concluded that I'm a INTP. If I'm left to my own devices, I'm definitely a perceiver. However, I definitely have well-developed Ni and Te functions, that really only comes out when I feel like I'm under intense pressure. Naturally, I'm definitely Ti and Ne. Thanks for all the help everybody.
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