Fellow INTPs, how do you handle relationships? For the last decade (my teenage years) I abstained from all and any romantic relations with the opposite sex. I wanted nothing to do with love, carnal desires, and our deep primal instincts.
Within the last year however I've opened up, and had momentarily lost myself to the latter of those two (carnal and primal). The relationship didn't last long as my fear and guilt consumed me.

I still have conflicting desires between remaining autonomous/independent/self-focused and finding a good woman who can compliment me well (and I her).

Am I really so emotionally stunted? Are most INTPs like this? How do you handle emotions like love and lust when pure objective reasoning tries to assert itself? I prefer to remain within my apartment, surrounded by my books and extremely messy environment (which probably has new unexplored species living in it lol), and reading/researching/learning, than with engaging in the absurd social games of dating (and also trying to expose and develop emotions).

I sometimes wonder if I have some kind of mental impairment that prevents me from finding someone...