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I'm not so sure... if you want to improve your chances of meeting someone, you have to make an effort to pursue different options. She might be really nice, who knows? First impressions are accurate a lot of the time. And even if she isn't really nice, it sounds like the OP has some kind of clearly definable reason for wanting to get to know her nonetheless. And what does he have to lose?
All good points, all standard. The question is a fuzzy one whose answer varies from person to person. An extrovert may casually approach many people a day and think nothing of it (and I have met several who do). OP, on the other hand, is premeditating in a way that betrays an excessively hypothetical way of looking at life--in other words, "doesn't have his own thing going." The wisdom here is thus - take a shit or get off the pot.

Because the truth. There are many fish in the sea, 1 person is usually not that special, and if she IS, then you almost certainly won't find her by going on a hunch without ever even having talked to her. Yes, that could be the case, but so could anything. It's better not to get wrapped up in these sorts of "what ifs" and focus on things in life that are given.

The only thing holding people back from doing that usually is fear - if I do that, what if I never meet anyone? Well, that's just another what if.

But hey, I could be totally wrong. If he thinks he should go for it he should. I'm totally just taking a shot in the dark, I admit that.