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    Default Environment where NTs do best

    Where do people think NTs do best and worst, environment-wise? I mean as in what kind of work environment, what kind of domestic environment, and so on.

    Feel free to dice it up by type, but perhaps going by NT is better?

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    For me, it's on my own. INTPs are the most like this of any of the NTs though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lion 4.5 View Post
    Environment where NTs do best
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoBiscuit View Post
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    I usually do best in a quiet environment. Such as a cafe, a bookstore, or my studio. Usually where I can be alone, be productive, and just get things done. I don't do so well if whenever I try to get something done, someone keeps on cutting into my thoughts and interrupting them by talking. If I am at home, I like to listen to music while I do things.

    If there are people in the equation, I like smaller groups. As for a job, I do pretty well in a small office environment, where I don't have to deal with too many demanding costumers. I like a place where people validate what I am doing and are not demanding and in my face. A place where I can work at my own pace. A job where I don't have to answer phones.
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