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  • intp, yes there is free will

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  • entp, yes there is free will

    2 6.67%
  • intj, yes there is free will

    6 20.00%
  • entj, yes there is free will

    2 6.67%
  • intp, no there is not free will

    5 16.67%
  • entp, no there is not free will

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  • intj, no there is not free will

    6 20.00%
  • entj, no there is not free will

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    Scientific evidence hasn't proven yet that there is such thing as free will, but it is harder to prove that something doesn't exist than that it does. The question is: does it actually matter? As long as people keep the idea or the illusion that there is such thing as free will, it might help them feel like their actions and choices do matter. I can imagine that having the idea that no one has free will, not even you, might give people some sense of powerlessness, like it doesn't really matter what choices you make, because it's not really you who's deciding it.

    You can assume that free will is only something that happens consciously, something we should be fully aware of. As scientific evidence showed that all choices they researched arise subconsciously, you can conclude that free will didn't exist in these cases, or at least if you use this assumption. This was based on brain scans they made while their subjects made these choices. But don't do many other types of cognitive processes (or at least part of it) take place subconsciously? When we first learned reading, most of us read words letter by letter to understand what word we were reading. Now that we are older, we don't read like that anymore, not even when we come across words we've never read or heard of before. I must admit I haven't checked any scientific research on this, but doesn't this suggest that as we get more experienced, a part of reading start happening subconsciously, because we simply don't NEED our full consciousness with it anymore?

    If we keep this in mind, we could suggest that the subconscious part of decision-making (and therefore the thing that makes us lack in free will) is based on the same process as not reading every single written word letter by letter. Just like when it comes to reading, people need to process a lot of information in order to make a good decision. If we had to handle all that information consciously, we'd become slow, just like a six year old spending eternity trying to read a simple sentence. In order to make decisions faster, it might come in handy to process some of the necessary past experiences we had subconsciously. You could be conscious of the past experiences you're using, but you're not, because that would be impractical.

    So I personally think that the subconscious part of our choices and decisions could very likely be part of our past experiences we could be conscious of, but we aren't at the moment, because we just wouldn't get anywhere in life if we were. (Except in cases where we use our fight-flight response and other reflex things, but that's basically evolution and our species as it is wouldn't exist without it.) Does that imply no free will? Maybe, but maybe not. We could also redefine free will as the ability of an otherwise completely sane person to wholeheartedly make stupid decisions yourself without the influence of others, knowing this decision is really stupid and unsuitable to the situation, getting little or no support by others and afterwards still being aware that it was you and no one else who made this decision. Not saying that anyone who didn't do this doesn't have free will, but I personally prefer this definition.

    Like an ESFP voluntarily posting something to this NT fuelled thread. That sounds like free will. Woooooooo
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    I believe there is free will based on one condition, and that is simply if one is afraid of death. Harness your fear of death, otherwise known as ego, and free will becomes much more likely.

    If you're afraid to die, of course there isn't free will because your ego kicks in during critical time periods. This is quite basic at a foundation level--if you were on a cruise and you saw someone fall over and into the water late at night, most people would long to jump in after to save them, right? Their ego kicks in and says "no, you could possibly die as well!" Free will in regards to travel, falling in love, getting married, so on and so forth is also, believe it or not, controlled by fear of death. You may want to travel, but if you did, couldn't afford to pay the mortgage this month and would lose your home (a primal necessity to life). Your ego (aka fear to die) is the puppet string government, media, Hollywood, etc. use to manipulate the masses into servitude versus doing what you want without fear of losing home and water. The sole purpose of money's existence is to remove your free will by removing your basic necessities to life without money. Since most find homelessness or life without technology impossible to enjoy, they give up their free will.

    If you're not afraid to die, you have free will to the extent of peacefully coming and going however and wherever you please as law enforcement is not deterring. Usually living a vagabond life, probably just monetarily scraping by, never saving money, but definitely enjoying life. Think festival hoppers and hippies. They do whatever they want to do in peaceful disregard for idiotic laws, but don't fit the mold society has in place of a "happily free person." To be a truly free person, money cannot be a necessity to you, so these groups of people are paradoxically looked down upon by the enslaved masses controlled by money.

    I personally think there is a great lie regarding death and what really happens to you when that time comes, but that's just me personally.

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    @skgarcia, I think the concept of determinism uses cause and effect and reality's basis as an endless cascade of reactions as proof that, in any given situation, you are bound to make the decision you do. Essentially, if life could be comprehensively translated into a program its unfolding could be predicted perfectly.

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    Why is neurology even being discussed here? I don't understand.
    This is how I see it; there are two dominant theories of causation when speaking about the Universe; The Big Bang Theory and Creationism. Obviouslt Creationism is bullshit, but let's ignore that for a second, the important thing is, they are both a singular thing. One event gave rise to an infinite chain of cause-and-effects. This means, the energy levels, the trajectory of atoms etc, and all the laws of nature were set into motion and being by one event or one being, at one time. How can there be free will? If our minds are an extension of our brain, and our brain is governed by the laws of nature, also is formed in a way that was already determined before you were born, then there can't be free will! You are a product of the laws of nature, of the substances that you consist of, and of the determination that arised from the original cause. However, it gets tricky depending on whether or not we believe in subjectivism. I do, so I must vote no... But I already voted yes because I considered the more objective approach. Fuck. Anywho, if we accept subjectivism, like I do, we must accept that what we perceive is truth, and if you perceive there to be free will in your reality, then it is true, to you that is.
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