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    Default NT in profile

    Here's (another) profile on common temperamental traits...this time, aimed at the NT types.

    Comments and critiques much welcome.


    -- Very open to esoteric and unconventional ideas, including those that may depreciate human worth and values.

    -- Usually display a strong drive for self-mastery over what they call the «irrationalities» (i.e. emotions and physical impulses).

    -- High inquisitiveness, especially for the more abstract subjects ... tend to use their gained knowledge as tools to produce even more knowledge («knowledge-seekers»)

    --Given freedom of choice, they will show more interest and put much more time in intellectual pursuits (including dayjobs) than in keeping solid social and emotional bonds with people around them.

    --Usually aim to produce original ideas that are (supposedly) rational / logically sound ... tend to base their self-esteem on this sort of productivity.

    --Macroscopic, usually see the big picture quite well, so prefer leaving concrete details they deem unimportant to others.

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    Pretty good, but the next to the last one, I'm not so sure about. The self-esteem one. It usually comes from the feeling of competence more than being able to produce original ideas. Leaving the debatable "original" out of the equation, producing ideas is so automatic that there isn't much to base self-esteem upon. Being competent though, that takes knowledge, thought, and work, so it's possible to feel down on one's self for falling below the bar.
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