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    Quote Originally Posted by danseen View Post
    i'm simply saying that humans are not strictly logical, nor should we be.
    And I wrote:
    it is hard to respect people who see no value in [logic].
    It seems there is some middle ground between the two perspectives.
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    or you can't get human beings.. good for you, it's not really my issue.

    as an INTP, i detest "logical behaviour", I largely act on whim.

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    healthy = dr tenka (monster) unhealty = hannibal lacter they both doctor in different subject and INTJ of course. But look at how treat their patient and other people.
    Age just a number, Maturity is an character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chubber View Post
    So what would the differences be between a healthy and a unhealthy INTJ be?
    healthy: balanced between inner and outer world
    unhealthy: skewed towards inner world or possibly outer world

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    Unhealthy INTJs retreat into their easiest mode of existence, which is Ni. This in turn leads to a withdrawal from the world, and so Ni & Fi are emphasized, whereas Te & Se are downplayed and ignored. Because the extroverted functions are ignored, they begin to become delusional and and over-involved in their own perceptions whilst rejecting objective data, especially if it contradicts what their introverted functions say. Ni doesn't pick up new data often so the same perceptions are regurgitated. When the extroverted functions are used, they are used terribly and are under great influence of the now-exaggerated introverted functions. Te makes them overly controlling and Se creates aggressiveness and antagonistic behavior, which they may use to act out warped visions created by Ni-Fi. They may become prone to unhealthy sensory habits and violence under the force of inferior Se.

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