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    Default As an NT, do you hate the metaphysical values of recent society?

    I understand that humans are NOT strictly logical. To be honest, I seldom am even though as an INTP I do value open-mindedness and reasoning theories. So it's natural that humans won't always hold strictly logical reasons to do things.

    Even then, I dislike the metaphysical values that have become common in modern culture. I think it's a mixture of how I was raised and how I think. I was raised as a Christian (but incidentally am an atheist now) and was never really exposed to Eastern thinking. I am open to anything, but it doesn't mean I must agree with it.

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    Don't confuse faith with metaphysics. Faith is often just accepting things as they are directly presented to us, whereas metaphysics works to penerate beyond our immediately observable world, expose the real living structures within this existence and beyond. If you ask me, those 2 approaches seem quite opposite in many ways.

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