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Thread: INTP or INFJ?

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    I think I may be an INTP; that's why I wanted to hear from NT's. However, I’ve been taking the MBTI for years and I always score as an INFJ or an INTP. I drives me crazy that I can’t figure out which type I am. I think I’m either an INFJ with strong ti or an INTP with strong fe. Please, I need some insight to end my madness! OK, so here's some info about me.

    I like to make lists and plans but sometimes I don’t stick to them. I’m not very laid back and I’ve been told I can be anxious and uptight. Most of this stems to the fact that I feel the need to be in control of things, even things I have no control over. For ex, if I’m interviewing for a job, I will rehearse tons of q&a’s and memorize what to say verbatim. However, I am also a total scatterbrain. Can’t remember where I put stuff, lose everything, etc. On the other hand, I hate making decisions, and once a decision is made, I often second guess it. When I am making a decision, I often do lots of research and compare and contrast information. Rarely do I make a big decision unless it feels logical to me.

    I’ve been told I’m very anti-social and aloof. I go to great lengths to avoid hanging out with others, including family members. It’s not that I’m shy or awkward; it’s just I’m not interested in what other people’s lives. I fake smiling, but deep down I don’t give a shit. I rarely ask others questions about their own lives because frankly, I don’t care. I hate small talk. My husband gets offended because he doesn’t think I care about what he says. He often says I never ask him about himself and he easily gets offended by things I say. I often times have no idea what he’s even referring to. A lot of times I think people are way too sensitive or take things too personal. On the other hand, I feel am I very sensitive and take things very personal (very contradictory, I know). I hate criticism and I like to be rewarded for doing a good job. I constantly think that people hate me or that they’re conspiring against me. I’m very paranoid.

    I can be very blunt and outspoken, especially on topics that are very important to me. I‘m also very assertive and don’t shy away from confrontation. However, I hate disharmony and will go to great lengths to make amends. I rarely hold grudges. I will confront someone if something is off and try to set things straight. I also have no problem apologizing for my mistakes if they seem rational.

    I really don’t really share information with others. However, I have been known to share too much information sometimes. This is my issue with self-control. A lot of times I will blurt out private information without meaning too and then regret it.

    I am uncomfortable with emotional outbursts from others and I have a difficult time comforting others if the emotions don’t seem illogical. However, as I said I can also be very emotional. I can cry at the drop of a hat if my feelings are hurt, but I can also be very tough-minded if I have to. However, I hate being emotional because it makes me feel weak.

    I am very intuitive of people and know what they’re thinking or feeling; however sometimes I don’t pay attention to social cues and it gets me in trouble.

    I can be very gregarious with people if I want to be. I can also talk to strangers if I need to. I’ve been in teaching in and sales. I’m good at selling things and helping kids earn.

    I’ve been told that others feel the need to babysit me. I don’t understand this. I guess maybe I’m too much inside my head too much of the time to be bothered with how I come across to people.

    Although I am very intuitive, I have a hard time giving way to flights of fancy if the facts are right in front of me. For example, when my mother was dying of cancer they gave her 5% chance of living to 2 years. Everyone in my family thought there was going to be a miracle and that she could beat the disease. They thought I was too rational because I knew in my heart (after researching the facts and talking to her doctors) that one cannot deny facts.

    I will give the shirt off my back to those that I love and will put my needs on the back burner to help others. However, I’ve also been told that I can also be very selfish and self-centered at the same time.

    I have a keen sense of aesthetics and love decorating and I am good at crafts. I think my sensing is strong in that way. Sometimes I get caught up with details and can notice little things that others cannot.

    I will go to great lengths to make others happy-on my own terms. I will do things for others and ask for nothing in return. I will search forever for the perfect gift or surprise people with nice gestures out of the blue. However, I can fake it in some situations if I have to. For the most part, people do like me. I often think people don’t really know the real me though since a lot of it is an act.

    I am compassionate-for animals. I love animals and am a rescue volunteer at an animal shelter. I am a vegetarian for moral and ethical reasons (a vegan for some time). However, I made this decision after I researched factory farms and found out how meat is made and how poorly animals are treated. I wanted to be a veterinary technician, but couldn’t finish the schooling because the school I went to tested on animals in a laboratory and I couldn’t bring myself to be a part of it. Why test on animals when it’s not necessary? Why kill or maim them for scientific purposes when there are other ways? It made no sense to me. I also couldn’t declaw an animal because I know how painful it is for an animal and how unnecessary it is when there are other ways to stop the behavior. Of course, did a lot of research on these issues before making this decision.

    So, that’s me. Thanks for reading.

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    My vote is for INFJ 6w5 sp/sx.

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