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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    I had read once that xNTJ's will seem more care free and xSFP-like as they age and develop their Fi and Se.

    And vice versa: xSFP's will come off more xNTJ-like as they develop their Ni and Te with age.

    What do you guys think? Yes, no? Maybe so?
    I agree with this. Look at the these two sets of functions:

    INTJ - Ni, Te, Fi, Se
    ISFP - Fi, Se, Ni, Te

    As one gets older, the tertiary and inferior functions generally become more differentiated and conscious - especially the tertiary. So yes, an INTJ will have developed Fi to a far greater extent, mellow out and not be quite as rigid and serious about things, taking stuff more as it comes, experiencing things in the moment without having to always plan or predict the future. The ISFP will have differentiated their Ni much more and will have a much stronger awareness of the potential insidiousness of inferior Te. Nardi specifically mentioned this in his studies that INTJ and ISFP brains look more similar as they become older. You're still going to be an INTJ or an ISFP - you're just going to soften and round out a bit and it will be harder for outsiders to type you. For those who resist this process, they become an exaggerated characterization of their type. It isn't necessarily attractive.

    Note I used the INTJ/ISFP example and not INTJ/ESFP. Those two are closer to each other in function order.

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    I know a self-typed INTJ 60-year-old who has a tendency to be pretty loud and charismatic. Definite TJ, but there's still this weird ESFP vibe.

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