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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    Why do they care if someone cheats on an unethical test whose results aren't even used to select certain types over others?? And how can they tell a cheater from someone who just doesn't understand the questions, or answers in a "work" mindset, or as they would like to be, all honest mistakes often made on these tests?
    well- MBTI considers it unethical to use THIER test for hiring. This is a different publishing company, different test, different underlying personality thoery, so the question of is it ethical is a bit subjective. Many companies utilize tests of this sort, so while as an individual, one may consider it to be offputting or unethical, it doesnt seem to be the general consensus of recruiters or HR at large.

    As I was told, they want to make sure they understand the person being hired and if their answers are too divergent, they cant be sure they really understand who they are hiring? the inadvertant effect appears to be an extreme sort of selection process which yields a certain sort of authenticity to the final crowd. We are all weirdos, but we dont try too hard to hide it. I suspect there is no master plan-it is just an accident of applying a tool too rigourously.

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    No - the opposite. If I had the opportunity I'd tell them all about my type. If it's not a place that has work and can deal with a person like me than I certainly don't want to work there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Architect View Post
    No - the opposite. If I had the opportunity I'd tell them all about my type. If it's not a place that has work and can deal with a person like me than I certainly don't want to work there.
    This seems most logical.
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    I wouldn't unless I was truly desperate for a job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    That depends on the test, the job, the firm, my level of interest in the job, my level of my confidence in knowing what the job demands better than the people hiring for it; in other words: it depends on too many variables to give the kind of answer you were probably looking for.

    /Not good at online communication either.
    I was going to make a post, but it seems Nicodemus said it. I mean really, there is pretty much nothing to be added. As it's been pretty much said here in this post, I mean honestly. This is insane, as this is the first reply to the OP. I didn't even have the pleasure of reading all of the posts before I could reply.
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