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so this is my situation: i'm in an app development class, which was merged from multiply classes, which was merged from more classes. because... the dropout rate is freaking huge.
among the survivors: there is one other ENTP, there are 3 ISTPs, one male FJ of some sort, two INTJs, and one ISTJ. everyone else? INTPs.
i am swimming in INTP waters (working closely with 5 of them), and the social scene is, as expected... very socially awkward.

in one scenario, one INTP complained he didn't feel he had a social life. he did so while we where all sitting in a group in the cafeteria, talking about anything, as we do all the time. the irony went over his head until i explained it.
in another scenario a couple of days ago, an INTP chick asked me shyly if we are friends. i went with it (because why not?), but the fact of the matter is, we have never shared any information about ourselves at all - i wouldn't mind doing so - but so far we've just coded together.

what is exactly friendship in an INTP world?
Someone who understands your ideas and is able to help you refine them, with some personality.