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    Question NTPs: perceiving with Ti, judging with Ne.

    it's usually thought of that the perceiving functions gather the information, the judging functions choose what to do with it - the P functions are supposedly passive while the J functions are the active decision making.

    but i find that for me, and reverse seems to be true:
    • Ne generates the solutions i implement, the ideas that i want to see happen and drive for, the potential in opportunities, situations & (in combination with Fe) people around me that i want to see unleashed. essentially, it generates what i want to do.
    • Ti on the other hand, is how i understand things - situations, mechanisms, phenomena, aspects of reality - in order to understand them i need to analyze them and define the variables using Ti.

    Ti forms how i perceive the world.
    Ne forms what i want to do with it.

    is the same true for other NTPs? if so, how do we better define the differences between judging functions & perceiving functions?

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    Na. This just means you don't understand things. Don't worry, I have trouble with this as well. I've been trying to grasp it lately.

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    Dunno, I find it impossible to tell what function I use and when I use it. If pushed, I'd say I make decisions with Ti. Ne generates possibilities. Ti breaks them down and simplifies the options into their most basic forms so that the logical choice becomes clear.

    And yes, there are such things as INTPs who overuse emoticons

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