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    Depends on the project--but a lot of times it's fear of failure, fear of getting in trouble, and fear of deadlines.

    If it's something I like, I just make myself do it while I'm still fired up about it; otherwise, I can just imagine how awesome it is and it's as good as doing the thing.

    If it's daunting, I have to talk myself into doing baby steps and rewarding myself for having done that much.

    Sometimes it's just a matter of making myself take action and not overthink it. Just put one foot in front of another.
    Something Witty

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    Fully utilizing the functions, especially the dominant-inferior poles. For example, doing work that involves Ti, such as programming, but always keeping in mine the end user and who is going to use this software, and what use it will be to them (Fe). The angel-devil dynamic works very well. Ne-Si keep the other two fed and working. Otherwise I have specific methods and systems (such as GTD) to keep it loose but organized.

    Only works for stuff I'm interested in. Cleaning the garage (Se) takes months for me to screw up the courage.

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    Well, if it's stupid stuff like chores, homework, etc, then I wait til the last minute. I don't care at all. Those things mean nothing to me. I tell myself at some point along the way that I need to do them, and then when it's near deadline time, I get on it. I also do preventative maintenance to ensure that they don't get out of control, so they will be something I can start and finish at the last minute.

    For more important things that I tend to procrastinate about, I just constantly tell myself I need to do them until I get started. I talk about that thing constantly with myself and with others until something clicks. Once things click, then I'm good to go. Again, I try to stay ahead of my procrastination regarding these things, and try to make the steps to doing them as clear and routine as possible. That way, there's no resistance once I get started. I also, when I get the motivation to do stuff like this, I try to do as much as possible, and I don't stop until I have a healthy buffer.

    If it's stuff like paying bills, etc, then I set up some system to handle them. I don't just do it (set up a system), because that's another thing I'd procrastinate about, I do it when I get the energy and motivation, as that makes it easier. I know this surge of motivation will fade, and I'll go back to who I am, so I don't waste any of it. That, and thank God for bill pay. I know I'd get distracted or forget to pay bills, so I put in place a system where I send in a buffer amount of money ahead of time (like $100.00) that will cover any variation, then a steady recurring payment ($25.00) each month for things that vary month to month like the electric bill.

    It's also good to be able to barter, or pay other people to do the things you don't like doing, but that's not always possible.

    Other than that, I try to center my life around things that I always get motivated and excited about (though I've found people don't like this, and they've gone great lengths to get in the way and to make my life miserable), so I'm always making progress and am always doing what I enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    What helps me:

    Music - sometimes it will be a bit distracting, but once you get into the task, you will basically ignore it.

    Having a lot of leisure, to the point of getting bored (if you would rather be doing something else, your productivity will be compromised)

    Anxiety/stress control - I suggest yoga and moderate cardio.
    This seems pretty spot on, that and being in the military I don't have a whole lot of say. Everything is treated as "do or die" even if it's something menial and rather unimportant. So that level of forced and antiquated SJ structure pretty much leaves me with no choice but to perform. Sadly once they see the work I'm capable of doing I become the go-to guy for more and more tasks which they expect to be done at the same level without realizing that they are taxing my leisure time which is the fuel used to power my engine. The money helps too.

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    From an INTJ perspective, I find that doing stuff will "get stuff done".

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    Wait until the stress of not getting it done overtakes the stress of actually getting it done.


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