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    Default ENTPs and Online Dating

    So I met this guy online. We hit it off right away. Long messages about topics I couldn’t even talk about with friends or family because they’d never get me. It was so easy to talk to him.
    He then disappeared for a few weeks. Didn’t come online once. Nothing. Afterwards he told me that he had to go abroad to take care of some things. Once he got back he sent me a message right away.
    We talked for hours, continued our conversation like this never even happened. We talked about the Myers-Briggs-Test and he told me that he’s an ENTP. Made sense. I am an INFJ, maybe that’s why I feel so connected to him. However he disappeared for a few days again and to be honest I feel rather confused. I know that he has a lot going on right now and we’re actually planning on meeting in July. There is subtle flirting but really not too much. He's definitely interested but he lives in the States and I live in Europe...
    I really am not bothered by the ‘not talking for days’ because I know that it takes a lot of time to reply, as our messages are rather long and well I don’t need to talk to a person every single day. What bothers me is feeling so confused. I feel like at one point we get each other without a problem but at the other hand, I cannot read him. (which oddly enough, makes him even more interesting) ... And I never know when he is going to reply. Most of the time he replies straight away but sometimes he doesn't.

    Now to my question. Any ENTPs tried online dating before? What about meeting a girl online that lives in another country? Or simply in another city?
    Do you have any advice for me, how to deal with this situation? I don’t want to sound obsessed or clingy
    Normally I wouldn't care a bit, but it's different with him. Damn, this is crazy

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    Consider using video chat on skype or something similar. you'll both get a better feel for eachother, he'll be a tad easier to read, your potential as an item will smelo more vivid to him, you'll get a good dose of devils smile, he'll get more of that extroverted energy to feed on which for some reason works in video more then text, and be more apt to bounce his thoughts off of you - and if he is experienced with NJ/NP dynamic - test to see how you do with thoughts when they are fresh off the Ne basket rather then fully digested.

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    Bad idea. Get off the internet and interact with real people.
    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

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    Quote Originally Posted by phobik View Post
    Bad idea. Get off the internet and interact with real people.
    hey so far there was only one hologram...

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