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    The SJ's in my family are annoying and incredibly repressed yet reactionary, often simplifying deeply complex issues. There is abundant insecurity and phobia but I'm really uninterested in finding out more about any of that.

    There are a couple SP's - both are more easy going and genuinely interested in people but they are also extroverts. The SJ's are introverts.
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    I am the only NT far as I know, but I have a brother that might be an N. (INFP) simply based on some stereotypical behavior and I do not know him that well.
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    I'm the only NT in a family full of SJs and 8s. I used to care when I was a kid about their tendency to respect power over facts and reason, and other crap. I deemed their demons theirs to tame and I withdrew from the debate.

    Animalistic in their mindset that is manifested as modern sophistication, they like it when you don't give a fuck about them. It's fair, really. I've grown to see them in a different light. They're insecure as fuck.
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    In my case, nothing short of psychological abuse.

    They actually think there is no such thing as "adaptability/thinking on your feet" and legit called me crazy and suggested I be institutionalized for doing so.
    They would do things like precook all of my meals (I LOVE to cook and have always been far better at it than them) and hire a babysitter when they went out of town for more than day because they thought that I was going to burn the house down or get myself killed-until I moved out at 24.

    It was in a constant state of agitation and discourse because as an adult I was never allowed to things the way I needed to them. This of course lead to a lot of failures and only further encouraged their belief that I was incompetent. Of course, as soon as they weren't around I succeeded at everything I attempted.
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    I identify My mother ESFJ. She is always impatient and really wants to get everything done "NOW"; if not she judges it easily as a procrastination, which she reproaches. She always gives instruction to her children like a military command to be obeyed by soldiers. She always uses feeling. When she think she complained that: she is exhausted when thinking; then back to feeling again. She always tell how she feels. Sometimes, she blame herself for many things that she regret doing in the past. She does not communicate her expectations, but when she was dissapointed, it becomes clear what she expected was. Sometimes I think that she has a untold expectations. She is demanding to her children. But,she is caring, and quickly feels worry when I get some symptoms of illness, like cough, and eventually told me to eat some medicine. According to her story, she once enrolled in nursery academy, but did not graduate.

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