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    Hah. I feel like I have a set of topics I rotate through, but I do this too. Even the writing, though never in essay format. Mostly spreadsheets...

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    Wait, wait-- I do this and I'm an NF. Though I guess I could tie that to my 5 wing or even my tritype (458). I've obsessively researched things probably since 4th grade when I received a Loch Ness Monster project. I have larger core topics that are ongoing study (Enneagram is one of these, along with dinosaurs, military history, etc.) and other topics I visit for a few hours and never read about again (The Peanuts Gang, Ligers, various biographies, etc.).
    Find my Enneagram writing here. Also, I'd love for you to take my six question Enneagram surveyEnneagram survey!✨

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    I most certainly have obsession bouts. When I become obsessed with a topic, I will research it endlessly and talk about it with those who are close to me. That is how my interest for MBTI began. It started as a "temporary obsession," and it turned into an interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by small.wonder View Post
    Wait, wait-- I do this and I'm an NF.
    the emotional experience is different

    Think about you riding a bike in the park with an SP. Both will be doing the same thing at the same time in the same place but you know the experience will be totally different and the SP will probably be seeing, hearing and sensing everything through some contrast-enhancing high-tech implants or some shit ...

    I don't know, you get the idea, right?

    I don't know if I'm reading this right, but from where I'm standing, some of the people here sound pretty desperate. I don't think they like what they do but they can't stop themselves.
    Did you pick on that or is it in my head?

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    What you deacribe is what I consider play. I enegage it it often and very intesenlly on whatever subject takes my fancy at the time. Except its not enough for me to simply research the topic I then have to find a practical application for it and make that application more efficient than it has ever been before. For rexample my mother wants to become a beekeeper so I researched this subject intensively and came across the warre hive design. I digested everything about it then suddenly designed my own hive by using a free brocooli box from the local produce store. I consider that play session over now. I just wantd to know I could make a warre hive, more cheaply, easily and efficiently than anyone has currently done. I couldn't actually give a shit about keeping bees. The hive now sits in her yard in the hope (maybe vain hope) that a local swarm will take up residence.

    My mind like to gather data, digest it then rearrange that data into something unique to me. Whether or not that rearrangement has any practical application doesn't matter. It just needs to satisfy my desire to deconstrcut and reconstruct a concept. I am more likely to engage in this activity than anything else.

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