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    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    I hate the interruption of whatever it was I was doing more than anything. Once I'm talking it doesn't much bother me unless I get bored. Tone of voice is adequate for me in place of body language, probably because I mostly only talk to people I know pretty well, plus I'm kind of an auditory/verbal brained person.
    Agree with all this, especially the unwanted interruption part. Also, phone calls often involve questions that completely leave me off guard. That's why I prefer to be the one doing the calling rather than receiving it. It's easier to go over what I want to say that way.
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    I've always hated talking on the phone from an early age. When I was younger, it weirded me out how different some people's voices sounded on the phone. That's not the case anymore of course. xD It runs in the family, the most of my mediate family members and my grandma aren't phone people. Well, my mom loves the phone and goes on it a lot but she is an E and a fe-dom.

    If unwanted people call me when I'm having my alone time, I'll actively put off picking it up because I perceive it as them infringing on my alone time. There are some people I never pick up the phone for because I'm just not used to talking to them. I'll only pick up if it's urgent/important. Another thing is that I've made the mistake of giving the wrong people my number in the past so that makes it a bit worse.
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    One problem with phone calls or video chats is that you have to devote most of your attention to this conversation. So you can't take a bath, watch tv or type to other people without feeling a bit rude.

    I blame mainly old people for keeping phone talking alive. They think they get more information if they call or see me in person. And it's a sign of respect to them. And a bad habit. Old people are also the ones who want to schedule meetings all day long that piss everyone off so much and make us all roll our eyes.

    I know a few young people who still do this too. Well, phone calls and video chats.
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    I hate it too. IM is ok but hate the phone, I almost always let it go to voicemail unless it is someone I know I need to talk to. If I don’t recognize the number, it’s almost always a salesperson or recruiter.

    If a person is in the same building that I need to speak with, I’ll almost always just go walk to their desk instead of using the phone, and if they aren’t there, send an email
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