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    Quote Originally Posted by bluemoon123123 View Post
    What sort of a business are you running? As an entrepreneur myself, I prefer to keep as many options open as possible. So, it would take a great deal for me to outright fire a sub-contractor, I'd rather cease giving them work and refrain from doing so until I am confident that they facilitate and expedite the achievement of my business objectives. It may indeed be the case that they will never be useful to me, but it still takes a special kind of incompetence for me to completely shut the door on a prospective assistant. I don't know if this has anything to do with my type, but that's an interesting hypothesis to explore.
    I was managing a store. In sales. Being that sales require squeezing extra dough out of people in a time when people do not have the extra dough to be squoze.. I was pretty ruthless in seeing to it I had the right people making up my team. He didn't fit. That said, I think I can empathize with your thoughts here. I wanted him gone from the moment I walked in , but I let him bumble along with us for about a month. Why? Because I do not like messing with people's livelihoods, even if they are incompetent twits. I scolded, I made him uncomfortable, I was rigorous in my retraining of him, and I encouraged heavily that he seek out another job but was also careful to note that I would wait for him to find one that would be able to match his current pay. Just because I wanted to scrape his face across the floor at *my* store doesn't mean he wouldn't be a better fit somewhere else for equal compensation. Sure enough! The farm feed store was paying surprisingly well and BONUS! he got to dress up like an idiot and do nothing all day. He was in heaven.

    I'm not in your shoes and I don't know the details of your work, however if I am to imagine myself in your shoes I don't feel I'd be as lenient there either. Contractors are notorious for lagging and being a general pain in the ass because they *know* they possess a skill set which you do not. So you *need* them.

    My thoughts? There are more of you. I'm here to employ you - not become your personal, juicy chew toy. YOU, blue, are the one with the widespread skill set here. Or else you wouldn't be an entrepreneur. You'd be a contractor. Like them. With a very specialized skill that only focuses on a narrow area. Yes, you do need them but not so terribly awfully bad that you concede to anal torture in the process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluemoon123123 View Post
    I don't think that all INTJs are good at making reasonable arguments, that all extroverts are socially skilled, that all introverts are reflective, that all intuitives are imaginative or that all sensors are practical. All of the aforementioned skills take time and effort to cultivate, no type can develop them without deliberate practice.
    Agreed; but considering he's at least in his twenties (and, thus, probably had sufficient time to develop his primary and secondary function), and that INTJs tend to go deep into a subject that interests them, it seems odd for him to make such a mistake.
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