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    I go for casual and firm outfits xD

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    What about excentricity and artsy style? Only P could wear this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by helen View Post
    I like hats, wooden beads, and "unique" shoes. I wear a lot of skirts, and tops are generally feminine-slightly dressy-but-casual. I don't wear much jewelry, except a pretty watch that belonged to my grandma that I always wear, and my hair is usually down, with minimal styling.

    Does this sound generally NF-ish? I would think that some generalizations could be made about how people approach their clothing choices based on type, but that individual style is pretty unique. IMHO
    I wear a lot of plaid, floral print or denim jumper dresses or skirts with plain kint tops, usually black, blue or purple. I like cotton because it breathes. Flat shoes because I get vertigo! Hair mostly down and lightly curled. Some eye make up and lipstick and that's it. Don't care much for jewelry.

    I adore plaid and small floral prints on black or navy back ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cality View Post
    Do you have information on clothing style and MBTI type? A site somewhere about this?
    I think this depends more on which region you grew up in, as opposed to personality type.

    In England I've noticed, women tend to show off a lot of cleavage, mainly because the men there take care not to stare. I assume in Iran that no one dares do that.

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    If I were only a little bit more secure in my ability to divorce myself from this interdependent society, I'd dress to impress:

    At work, I'd much prefer to arrive in a bathrobe than anything else. I'm providing a service, and the compensation that I'm gathering for it isn't entirely adequate. It's a simple fact: if you're not directly meeting with your company's clients or customers, their primary concern regarding you is productivity. Points of direct access and proper airflow around all my bits would only make me more productive.

    In casual situations, I think I'd rather be in some kind of body armor covered with some sort of electrical charged surface than anything else. There's something that's really appealing about being able to make my way through any crowd without having to dance, weave, and estimate where and when seams open up. After enough people learn to back away? I'm set to sprint through a crowd of people whenever I need to.

    It would also make a good conversation piece, which I hear is good in casual situations.

    If I ever get dragged to church, I'd probably want to go in a gorilla costume. The advantages and applications here are obvious, so I won't go into detail.

    Speaking of church, though, I always thought it would be interesting to show up to a wedding naked. I mean, what is a wedding if not a celebration of people getting naked with eachother? Getting that much into the spirit of things would multiply the gravity of the ceremony and probably enhance the recognition of the raw spiritual connection between the two intertwined souls up on stage.

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    Madrigal, I think I like you.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    I wouldn't say that clothing matches the type, but im sure that the reason for someone to wear certaing clothes has to match the type.

    My clothes are usually

    1) Durable
    Because of my concern for environment.

    2) Expressing myself
    I like to dream up new ways to use clothes.

    3) Comfortable
    If it doesn't work well, its not worth the money.

    At least the 1 and 2 are NF thinking. Im not so sure about the third.

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    I want that my clothes

    - are comfortable
    - exactly match my personal style (fashion = not (necessary))
    - are not too attention-catching, as I prefer to stay stealthily in the background
    - are environmentally friendly
    - are of good quality
    - are neat, fresh-smelling and clean (influence of my ESFJ mother who made my Fi to accept this as a value )

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    SPs,with the possible exception of rural ISTPs, can be counted on to ride fashion gracefully.

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    I must be rural. And possible. And exceptional.

    I always wear cargo pants or shorts for mobility, durability, practicality, carrying capacity, and casuality. Unless I'm running or doing some special activity that requires different gear, like biking or boating or funerals. I wear tight dark t-shirts without logos.

    If I can't suddenly spring into action against ninja assailants, then it isn't worth wearing.
    No offense.

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