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    Quote Originally Posted by decrescendo View Post
    really good explanation, thanks.

    I've heard that people with Te tend to think best while in motion (pace frequently, solve problems best on paper, etc.), while the opposite is true for those who use Ti. I know it seems like a pretty simplistic differentiation, but it applies to almost everyone I can think of off the top of my head. What do you think?
    Edit: Sorry, I'm (probably) not XNTP; I answered without looking closely at the title. But there's a chance I could be, and I think my information is useful even if it's Ti in INFJ.
    I'm pretty sure I'm a Ti user, and I frequently think in motion or on paper. But in these cases I already know the essence of the big picture or the theory, and I'm trying to work out the details. I'm a very visual person. But I see everything in my head.

    My mind is like in infinitely large filing cabinet. Details get filed away in folders and subfolders in drawers, and most of the time I won't remember all of them because they're hidden away- I just know about them based on where they are. It's a lot like how information is organized on a computer, and how I access the information is similar. I can compare the size of folders, look for patterns in the information, run statistical analysis, and find everything that contains a search word. Things always remind me of other things, like googling a word.

    As far as the puzzle goes, I think I go about it from all angles. I can look at a bunch of random pieces and put some of them together, like an eye or a window, or I can put the whole thing together. But other times I look at the pieces and put it together in my mind, then have to figure out how the pieces fit together. Or I'll have parts of it put together and suddenly see the whole picture like an epiphany (this happens often). Or I'll see something that needs to be illustrated and create the puzzle pieces myself, like an art project from found objects. To me the whole world is a puzzle and I see its structure in my mind. I just have to find all the pieces and make the physical (illustration of the) structure of the puzzle more intricate.

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    T is the function that defines perceptions, concepts etc etc. by defining things what i mean is looking at its structure and seeing the logic behind them. In introverted attitude, it defines them based on internal factors and has hard time accepting external definitions, unless they go hand in hand with the internal one.

    Quote Originally Posted by decrescendo View Post
    I've heard that people with Te tend to think best while in motion (pace frequently, solve problems best on paper, etc.), while the opposite is true for those who use Ti. I know it seems like a pretty simplistic differentiation, but it applies to almost everyone I can think of off the top of my head. What do you think?
    Te is only good with that if it can apply already known principles. Thats because Te is about learned logic and applying it to external world. Ti is more spontaneous with thinking, it doesent try to assume so much based on what happened before, so it might not work that fast in situations which allow already known things to be applied in it, but works better when the problem is completely new and needs to be found a new creative solution.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    Fluffywolf: Thanks!

    Well, I don't know about enneagrams. I think that's very hardy of you to go to such lengths. I think if someone else's mind is differently formed than mine, any verbalization I do is pretty much going to be a trade-off between accuracy and resonance. I think my attitude about this probably has a lot to do with previous experience as well but perhaps there's something temperamental with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heddy View Post
    I do not expect most people to understand a word I say anymore. Sigh.

    Other Ti people do. Don't let your Fe fall in despair!

    Quote Originally Posted by Heddy View Post
    I have thoughts and translate them into words
    That's why Ti people make models and equations with SYMBOLS, not concrete NUMBERS (like Te people).

    That's why Ti people spend time first AGREEING on the exact meaning of the words before being able to communicate their thoughts to each other. To outsiders this may seem like nitpicking or petty arguing.

    That's why you can feel them be PRECISE in their word choice (when they care). Behind every word there is a mile long thought process.

    That's why listening or reading to INTPs might feel like putting a clock mechanism together from a diagram Heddy's post is a PERFECT example.

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    To me, it's sort of:

    Ti: is it true?
    Fe: is it kind?
    Te: does it get the job done?
    Fi: is it good?

    Ti is constantly examining and cross-examining worldviews or ideas. A small-scale example of this is me trying to think out stories. The main task, creating ideas, is of course Ne work. Ti is the one making sure that there's enough time for the antagonist to prepare a trap, that past experiences aren't forgotten, that the gunman defeats the swordsman even if the swordsman is powered by love.

    An example of Ti getting in the way: when students are rude, I tend to not call out on their rudeness (Fe), because my first worry is "are they saying the truth?" Maybe it ISN'T fair that I make little mistakes on the blackboard and still deduct points if they make them on their tests... never mind that the student complaining about this is blurting it out mid-lesson. Of course, this isn't very good teaching. But still Ti gets there first. Only after five minutes or so I realise "hey it isn't allowed to shout in class - but now it's too late to remark that."
    Which results, of course, in a shouting match class. And harming the good students who actually want to learn something and have their fingers in the air wanting to ask whether nitric acid is a strong or a weak one.
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