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    I dream everynight and I absolutely hate it. I can even start to dream well before the initial stages of REM sleep such as during a power nap, which is very abnormal. I told the psychiatrist once that part of my alcohol consumption was due to not wanting to remember my dreams, and she said she had never heard that in her entire 35 years as a doctor. Then she eventually got to see my spatial relation/block design scores (always well into 99th %tile) and it made sense to her, because dreams are essentially your brain trying to "make percpetual sense of the noise" during shutdown time and uses familiar cognitive processes to fill in the gaps.

    It wouldn't be so bad if I had a good dream once in awhile (I get a wet dream like once every 2 years), but the content of them usually reflects my social anxieties and I am constantly being harassed/chided in them.

    If Morpheus was a person I would consider brutally murdering him out of revenge, it's that aggravating. I wish I never dreamed again.

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    I dream (and remember at least one of my dreams, usually more) every night. It's very rare that there's a night when I don't remember dreaming about something.

    Nightmares happen sometimes, but not that often for me. Probably once a month on average. Bizarre (and sometimes disturbing) dreams happen fairly often. I've had a handful of prophetic dreams (that later proved to be such). I often dream about strange animals, too - once there was a possumlike, furry snake... and once there was this creature with the head and tail of a mouse, the shell of a turtle, and the claws of a lobster.
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    I've dreamed I've killed someone before--but in self-defense, not in anger or anything, and it was terrifying, b/c I realized the full ramifications of what it meant to take someone's life, and the ensuing fear of what would happen with my own. I was never so happy to wake up from a dream.

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    I usually remember at least one hour of dreaming every night. It's hard to pinpoint exact time etc because a few minutes in the real world may seem like half an hour while dreaming. And vice versa.
    This is probably because I meditate (I stress a lot), because I didn't dream this much just a couple of years back. I think the secret to remember and shape dreams is to know you are dreaming while doing it. Usually my dreams are quite movie-like, but sometimes they are calm and familiar.
    Just the other day I dreamt that I was some kind of mercenary(...) and guarded some dude in a white suit with a private jet while he was visiting some kind of mine in some african country. All hell broke loose and there was a giant shootout; very realistic I might add! And detailed. Too detailed. There were shrapnel, splinters of wood, blood, casings, spilled guts and dead people al around. Pretty fucking scary. Some of those parts I wish I didn't remember. But usually, dreaming is the primary reason that I sleep a lot.
    I'm quite happy with my life. I've got an incredible girlfriend, a job, viable future plans etc. I just lack the action that I need in some areas, and thus I like to get that while dreaming. When stressed out, I tend to dream calm and familiar dreams, because that is what I lack at the moment, when I think stuff is boring, I often dream horror or action. The latter more than the former, because I really don't scare easily.

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    I myself dream frequently and to say so I have perfectionated it.

    When I was a kid I made up stories in my mind to fell asleep. I was not bullied as a child by other kids, but there were those situations, when I did not like how things were going and where I lacked confidence to change them. Most of the time you are able to compensate for this by styling your hair in various different positions, wearing ten year old woven pullovers and shouting out in class on the "What is your dreamjob day?" that you are going to be a pornstar.

    Dreams by this time were of heroism and personal sanity aber most of the time, I dreamt before actually falling asleep. At first you are aware that you are still awake but then the point until the world is wrapped in sleepy darkness comes smoothly.

    Today dreaming seems like an all-night companion. In the morning, it is sometimes hard to find a grasp on reality again, if you dreamt about things that moved you (especially after nasty dreams xD).

    I really like dreaming, most of the time I try to hold on to the dream for as long as I can, but it keeps slipping away in the course of the day.

    When you start dreaming in REM sleep it is really much about control but not knowing that you control it. At first you are a victim to your dreams, but while slowly waking up you begin to control the happenings in the dream and at this point it is possible to dream a series of acts, but then slowly comes the point, when your mind wants to ask for some detail that went missing in the course of action (dreams are highly fragmented at this point). When that happens, you are aware of dreaming and it is over. But from this point I am able to expand the dream for hours to myself, until the sleepiness wears off and you recognize that you have integrated the sound of your clock radio in your dream for several hours and that you are going to be badly to late to work xDD.

    But that kinda dreams are the best ones xD

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    Ive always had pretty vivid dreams and personally the ones where im being chased or in a life threatening situation have always been the most exhilarating to me.

    There always seems to be a recurring theme though in most of my dreams where I have the ability to fly but its more levitation than strict flying. this usually starts out as me jumping and sort of gliding through the air, but after a while I just keep rising and rising and it seems almost impossible to descend until of course my pursuer is around at which point I magically just seem to remember gravity.

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