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Thread: Nihilism

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucky13 View Post
    First, we cannot violate that which we have a knowledge of. That means that just like every other creature on this earth our inner workings prevent us from doing ourselves harm or attempting an action which we know will not bring about the desired outcome (unless our minds/bodies are not functioning correctly). This is by no means unique. All beasts seek preservation.

    If anything, I would argue that we have surpassed the threshold where preservation is no longer much of an issue for our species (at least not for those in 1st world nations) and as a result we now seek pleasure. That doesn't exclusively mean "sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll"; it means living out of intellectual curiosity, living to increase power or prestige, or living for any other self-imposed purpose.

    The reason nihilism is appealing to such a perspective is that ultimately none of those purposes is enduring (eternal if you will). This makes them ultimately meaningless. Only a believe that man is more than flesh, bone, and blood and that he has an eternal element (call it a soul if you wish) has the potential to make nihilism false.
    I agree that expression through art flourishes when cultures flourish. When man has time to do more than just survive, ideally, he thrives.

    I think your bolded corroborated my statement?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post

    I think your bolded corroborated my statement?
    Absolutely, it wasn't meant as an argument against you. Simply meant to state the requirement for nihilism to be false. The biggest problem here is that it requires the acceptance of said theological assumptions.

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