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    Default ENTPs: maintaining focus on projects

    TL;dr: need advice in keeping my mind interested in a project which i have an invested interested and a practical need of finishing.

    Alright, so right now I am having trouble with this (though this isn't new). for a few weeks I have done excellent progress forward on one development project - one which started for uni, but i have figured out enough ways to make it stand out to make it worthy of putting it out on the market when it's done (it's an android app).. and it shaped up really well, I got the base working when most of my class didn't, as well as one of my features. it was interesting, i had to figure out how to do things we didn't learn yet, playing out with it, solving problems i haven't thought of.. it was all very fun for awhile.

    But in the last week i have being loosing the wind under my sails, and now my head is on a whole new project idea, a project that is in no way practical for me to make alongside school hours because it would be incredibly time consuming and would distract me from my main school activities (unlike the first one which is an expansion of an ongoing school project)...

    I need to keep my mind on my first project and get it done with, and it if it was something in the realm of doing it would have being easy enough to "just get it over with", but most of the project is about figuring it out and thinking about it, I have to actually be interested, and not get distracted....

    In my professional life I have never being so close on closing in the distance between Ne and reality, and yet now that i know all i have to do, i am having a terrible time forcing myself to do it.

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    I usually work on more than one project at once. It allows me some leeway when I start to mentally hit a wall.

    Meanwhile, a way to re-engage yourself with the work you're doing might be to review it. Check what you've done and see if the conclusion you're working towards could be tweaked or refined in anyway. That's a way to get you back into the Ne-Ti head space and hopefully revive your interest in your work.

    Either way, good luck.
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    I need a foot up my ass if I am to focus. some NFJ boss is good, to engage my Fe and motivate me that way. Will also spur me to use Si which I hate. ENFJ boss is what I what I have now. Tis good. A man though.

    A hot lady ENFJ boss would be even better because everyone knows NFs should be women.

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    Good luck with that. Best chance = place fire under butt and keep cooking until project is to a full boil.

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