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    Default Extroverted Intuition and dogfights!

    Just one thought there. Do you think and extroverted Intuitor makes a good fighter pilot ? The obvious thing is that a Sensor should be more fond of piloting any kind of machine, but I just watched a show about jetpilots landing on airplanes and a lot of those guys appeared to be very spontaneous or imaginative or whatever Ne must be described.

    I myself think about acquiring a piloting license for all my life, but it is just 5000 euro to much at the moment.

    When it comes to handling a car, I am not that much of a practical master. You know with european cars you have to shift manually and then you have to find that perfect point when the actution cog of the coupling closes the drive-side cog to win a race.

    But when it comes to steering I am quite good. From driving fast through small holes or high-speed driving, it all comes naturally.

    I am not very proud of it and I was never aware of it, until I saw that show on the TV just now.

    Well just a thought there, probablly nonsense.

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    My best friend's dad is an ex-fighter pilot. Im not positive, but he really seems like an ISTX.

    On another occasion, I spoke to some fighter pilots when I was down getting lunch. Most of them seemed like xxTJ's or NTP's.

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    So what type is Michael Vick?
    Why do we always come here?

    I guess we'll never know.

    It's like a kind of torture,
    To have to watch this show.

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    I would have said SP would be the best type for controlling a jet plane. Tactically combat might be something different typewise - just depends what we mean by "tactics"

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