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    Quote Originally Posted by AntiheroComplex View Post
    This pretty much sums up my own accidental posting.
    Well...the OP doesn't mention that it's type-specific and I don't look at what subforums each thread is posted in while browsing New Posts.

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    1. f
    2. Type, if not listed
    3. don't
    4. don't do sports. i like walking/running/swimming/playing
    5. no. i enjoy watching sports in person though. i like the atmosphere and the cultural/sociological side of it. i always try to go to sporting events when i'm overseas, as it tells you interesting things about the local culture. i also enjoy gambling on sport sometimes because i like winning money and thinking i'm an armchair expert at things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcockburn View Post
    1. Your gender
    2. Type, if not listed
    3. What sports do you follow?
    4. Did you ever seriously/competitively play those sports? If not, why do you watch them?
    5. If your favorite team is playing a game, do you go all out and dress up in team colors/logos/etc even if you're not going to the stadium? Do you scream in public when you find out your team won? Do you foam at the mouth in team colors?
    1. Female
    2. INTP
    3. None
    4. No. Have basically done sports as exercise only (including team sports like volleyball etc).
    5. I used to wear team colors (local hockey team) as a student. Peer pressure...

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