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    Default How do you prefer to learn?

    Since NTs like learning new things...


    1. By doing
    2. By observing
    3. By hearing/reading


    1. 1: You would install Windows Server 2008 and use it for a while. 2: You would assemble a computer.
    2. 1: You would observe someone (a teacher, a friend, etc.) using Windows Server 2008. 2: You would observe someone assembling a computer.
    3. 1: You would hear someone telling (a lesson, a conference, etc.) how to use Windows Server 2008. 2: You would listen to how to assemble a computer (a lesson, a conference, etc.).

    If you think that this list needs changes, let me know.

    I go for 1 - doing, but I don't do things just to learn them; but then again, I don't learn if I see no reason to. I've also read that most INTPs prefer reading.

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    By inhaling the basics then experimenting on my own. Being forced to read, watch video's or any other form of conventional learning is anathema to me. My present employer spends thousands a year on producing stupidly slow and boring video's. I skip to the exam at the end and wing it....

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    idk sp


    I guess from paper/pdf, watching and testing what I learn (eg, learn to build a TV then do it by hand). True NTP style would mean you've got all the resources for the resources you need (the market for newspapers, internet).

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    Lay out the end result, system, theme, or goal.
    Then we can discuss the pieces or variables.

    I learn more through discussions and letting me walk through it, less when I have to watch you or read step by step.

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    By observing, then imitating/doing. And probably abit of reading.
    “Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts.”
    ― Edgar Allan Poe

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