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    Default NT personalities on television

    Basically, post NT personalities from various movies or shows. If there's some definitive moment that makes you think so, etc., don't be shy and post a link. If a change has occurred in Season 3 of a show to say ESFJ from an INTP due to poor writing and lack of ideas, include that info as well (for example: John from super awesome show season 1 to 3 - INTP).

    I will be updating this post and adding them with the name of the... founder? () in parenthesis (()).

    P.S. If someone oppose to any of these claims, feel free to comment as well.

    Larry David - "Curb your enthusiasm" (Me)
    Abed - "Community" (lostlanguage)

    Iron Man - "Iron Man" (Me)
    Jeff Winger - "Community" (lostlanguage)

    Ben Linus - "Lost" (Jennifer)

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    Ben Linus (LOST) - INTJ, pretty clear-cut throughout the series, well-defined
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

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    Jeff Winger (Entp)
    ABED (Intp)

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