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    Take the test, if results are INTJ you're 70% likely to be an INTJ.

    Read the descriptions. If, like me you thought, wow that is exactly me, you're probably an INTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cality View Post
    You seem to be quite sensitive for an INTJ, haphazard, aren't you?!
    i know only a few INTJs. and all of them are quite sensitive. they hide it quite well. they hide it by completely ignoring it. which makes them appear

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    Definition of INTJ:

    "Beware Those Who Are ALWAYS READING BOOKS" - Bukowski

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    Hmmmm isn't precision more in the ball park for ISTJ? I'll take efficiency over faultless precision any day.
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    what the hell is an intj?

    a miserable little pile of secrets! have at you!

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    Honestly when folks take the test i think about 25% of the time they can seriously mistype themselves. Usually they pick the asnwers they want to be or think they should be.

    An EXTJ friend typed as an INTJ. An ESTP types as an ENTJ. I just type them myself as I have a super powered Ne-Fi knack for it.

    having said that my INTJ friend took the test, scored super INTJ, retook the test and scored as a super INFP becuase she didnt like the first results. Meanwhile me an the entp are laughing hysterically and for the FIRST time ever, actually understood why our friend was a cruel, callous (ie emotionally objective, honest to the core) person. she is an INTJ. It helped me love her so much more to understand her.

    I think the real INTJs will type accuraety but you have more chances of others also typing also as INTJs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    What the hell is an INTJ, and what makes an INTJ not these other six types?
    INTJs are incredibly, sexily aloof with great self-confidence.

    Representative INTJ:

    This quality shines through, and immediately identifies the true INTJs. The other 15 types are poseurs who could never measure up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happy puppy View Post
    Honestly when folks take the test i think about 25% of the time they can seriously mistype themselves. Usually they pick the asnwers they want to be or think they should be. [...]
    So true. Many seem to like the INTJ stereotypes, and some people actually believe they're INTJs after taking the test by picking the answers according to their ideals. What's more, some people start behaving like they believe an INTJ would, which doesn't help neither them nor unsure introverted intellectuals. "This arrogant son of a bitch is stroking his ego again, there's NO WAY I'm an INTJ like him/her".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    Okay, I've been here for a little while now, and this question has been bothering me for a long time. And that question is exactly what it says on the tin -- erm, thread title.

    There are a lot of INTJs on MBTIc. Or, at least, there are a lot of people who claim to be INTJ. Now, if we go on the premise that there are not very many INTJs, one would assume that there are just a disproportionate number of INTJs who are interested in MBTI -- which may be true. Along with that, though, are a lot of theories that many people typed INTJ are not INTJs but rather another type, and there are lots of plausible, valid reasons for this mistyping. Some of the types that are likely to be mistyped as INTJs are apparently:


    So, if somebody claims to be an INTJ, they may actually be one of seven different types -- and this list includes all of the intuitive introverts, half of the artisans, and even one guardian, which according to some theory is supposed to be opposite of rationals.
    MBTI Population Breakdown From US Sample

    ISFJ F 19.4% M 8.1% = 27.5%
    ESFJ F 16.9% M 7.5% = 24.4%
    ISTJ F 6.9% M 16.4% = 23.3%
    ESTJ F 6.3% M 11.2% = 17.5%
    ISFP F 9.9% M 7.6% = 17.5%
    ESFP F 10.1% M 6.9% = 17%
    ENFP F 9.7% M 6.4% = 16.1%
    ISTP F 2.4% M 8.5% = 10.9%
    INFP F 4.6% M 4.1% = 8.7%
    ESTP F 3.0% M 5.6% = 8.6%
    ENTP F 2.4% M 4.0% = 6.4%
    INTP F 1.8% M 4.8% = 5.8%
    ENFJ F 3.3% M 1.6% = 4.9%
    INTJ F 0.8% M 3.3% = 4.1%
    ENTJ F 0.9% M 2.7% = 3.6%
    INFJ F 1.6% M 1.3% = 2.9%

    Another Sample of US Population (Inferential Statistics)

    ISFJ - 13.8%
    ESFJ - 12.3%
    ISTJ - 11.6%
    ISFP - 8.8%
    ESTJ - 8.7%
    ESFP - 8.5%
    ENFP - 8.1%
    ISTP - 5.4%
    INFP - 4.4%
    ESTP - 4.3%
    INTP - 3.3%
    ENTP - 3.2%
    ENFJ - 2.4%
    INTJ - 2.1%
    ENTJ - 1.8%
    INFJ - 1.5%

    In these samples take note that NTs in general tend to be a rarer type but they seem to flock to MBTIc. Also the introverted NTs have their own communities at INTJ Forum and INTP Central. Although it is frequent for individuals to mistype themselves I think the 'unusual' amount of INTJs here is more attributed to interest in MBTI. Taking this a step even further it seems that MBTI naturally attracts the intuitive types, because there are quite a few INFJs here as well. I mean think about it, the most active forums in the Commune are the NFs and the NTs.
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    MBTI doesn't have to define a person, but rather a tool for a person to understand himself and others.

    So yeah. Go Figure.

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