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    Who knows, it could change when I'm older(given I'm 15), but I personally can't relate to a lot of INTPs. I personally don't care like AT ALL about having friends, Not that I AVOID having friends, I have two good friends, but they weren't exactly too happy when I said I didn't care at all about having friends, and one of them is an INTP. It was kind of funny, I asked the INTP friend why he cared so much about friends and all, and his response was "so people can like you". I find it weird, an INTP caring about whether or not people like him. Ah well, Maybe I'm just one of the odd ones.

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    I've never had much of a social life. The only person I really talk to right now is my boyfriend. People say that's not good, but whatever, he's the only person I know well that I really want in my life. Everyone I'd consider being friends with seems to dislike me. I think it's actually my enneatype that causes that. I'm very strongly drawn to Se-users, and I'm probably too careful and security-focused for them (I'm a 6w5).

    I had an INFP friend until we were torn apart over a Fi/Fe dilemma. It has been a recurring pattern with INFP friends; they say or do something that I perceive as rude or hurtful (toward others), I call them out, and it never ends well. It's an issue that has gotten me into a lot of less-than-ideal situations, from losing friends to pissing off authority figures. I'm sure it's been detrimental to my social life as a whole.

    For some reason, I get random bursts of energy where I want to hang out with a close, diverse group of friends, MLP style.
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