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    I figure all of you other "NT's" will find this website as interesting as I. I have longed contemplated God, space, time, the Universe, personalities, religions, and etc. I have alot of VERY specific opinions on these things, that while I do not force down anyone's throat or call "fact;" I still feel that they are very logical conclusions. I couldn't believe to find a website that has almost the EXACT same views as I, and that MANY others (including Einstein) had alot of the same views.

    Example: I always felt like "God" is a particle or something along those lines that makes up all of us & everything. Therefore, we are all the same & connected to this huge galaxy, and in the end never really "die."

    At the same time, I have always thought that people would think I was CRAZY for alot of my ideas & views, so I have kept my mouth shut. It is really cool to see others think this, and they put the info out there for everyone...and I don't have to! ;-)

    Anyhow...check it out!!

    On Truth & Reality: Philosophy Physics Metaphysics of Space, Wave Structure of Matter. Famous Science Art Quotes.

    PS - there is also a really cool section in there about C.G. Jung.

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    I've had many crazy ideas that ring true with many of the topics on that site. I'm glad I'm not alone.

    I've really fallen off that line of thought, though. I felt like I was chasing my tail. Now it's all but a memory of vague ideas and concepts.

    I particularly have a lasting affinity for waves and the electron

    I can no longer dream like I once did, but the imagery they provided while I did changed me.

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    That is tmi but I have saved it. I think we should all just give god a break imo, we will probably feel disappointed once we meet him..
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