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    Quote Originally Posted by Spin View Post
    The best chess player I know is an INFJ, and I (an INTP) am pretty awful at chess. I'm sure there are plenty of INTJs who are great at it, but I've never knowingly played one. Considering the whole pattern-recognition thing, I wonder whether S's would be good at chess too?

    Then again, it might not be a type-correlated thing -- I heard that spatial skills are inversely-correlated with chess-playing abilities. /tangent
    The best chess player I know is an INFJ AS WELL!!! RANDOM and awesome...I wonder if it is type related...second best it an ISFP i know....then INTP in that order. But the INTP and ISFP needed more..."steps" rather than just "got it"... like an example would be they would need to clearly identify certain if someone takes a piece from them...the next steps in order are: attack..if not then block, if not then move. That to me already came to me before anyone ever said it outloud...but i don't know if that is type related or not...but to me sounds like Ti or something, like breaking somehting down. Not sure though.

    I've never heard of that correlation before though, interesting
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    Interesting.. best chest player I know is an ENTP.

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