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    Default The Machine...Are You One?

    I'm often dubbed a machine at work because of my relentless ability for speed, repetition and accuracy in my work. I am also constantly eeking out little efficiences here and there, never satisfied with the level of efficiency I've acheived. Always believing that it could be improved upon. Of course the machine isn't always appreciated. Some people are in awe, some apathetic and others despise this aspect of me. Occassionally I'll meet another machine who revels in going head to head with me in an unspoken contest we both enjoy.

    But do others here often get referred to this way?

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    Not a machine, since I don't do work that is very repetitive, but I'm known for refining processes for efficiency (which others then repeat), and for being a very thorough critic.
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    Not really. I'm too laid-back to be a machine.

    But my friends joke around about my "cold, robot heart" a lot. Lololol. Trolls.

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    I like to think of myself that way, but my job in engineering ... if you're doing something highly repetitive it usually means you're doing it wrong, so I seem never to become all that efficient. Everything has a unique wrench in it.
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    I as a Ti user am like a cold and mechanical robot because I am always calculating things but I am also very lazy which robots have 0 tolerance for so Te users beat me there in the robo pro race.

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