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    Default Details are horrible!

    so i want to make a website to help me generate some revenue through adds.
    it's pretty different than your average website in that it's more of a social network than anything else, been thinking about it and how it should look for the better part of 6-7 months, so the general idea is pretty well thought out...
    ...however when it came to make a sketch on paper it took me 6-7 hours to make a few lousy lines and write a few ideas on the back. i swear putting the details in order is a chore.. (or im not as determined as i should be...)

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    If you suck at it, find someone who doesn't.

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    I know how that feels..

    I hate details it really hurts my head. You'll have to surround yourself with those who can handle those details for you.. there are people who actually enjoy the detail work a lot. That is amazing as I am invested in big ideas.. while most of that looks like idiotic fantasies to the detailed minded people. Interesting!

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