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    Quote Originally Posted by Thessaly View Post
    I find it difficult to make lasting and deep connections with fashion folk period. Everyone is flaky as shit and if they do have depth their presence is totally transient as they fly off to Tokyo or London.
    Going on buys and trade shows perhaps, but if you look far enough behind the scenes there are us few NTs.

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    Hmm...where am I all the time?
    On campus.
    At home sleeping.
    At home not sleeping.

    Beyond that?

    Maybe a bar or a club on the weekend.

    My rational friends?

    Doing the same thing really.

    The best time to approach me would be at the fact, a good place to find me is at the emptiest part of the library at the oddest hour. I have spots and it annoys me when some douche decides he can take my spot...a place I've been claiming for months in some instances.

    I remember once at the library a couple years ago like for a week this girl would be in my spot when I got there. It dawned on me later that I should've talked to her...who is at the library at 2 in the morning on a Thursday night? Someone very interesting I bet.

    Also, I absolutely love breaking into university offices. I guess you'd call it a hobby?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thessaly View Post
    While were on the topic, where do psychologists and psychiatrists hang out? I wouldn't mind dating one. Would make my life cheaper.
    I have lived in a collective with a psycology student... She was a total nightmare. I helped ofc that she was younger and very insecure or afraid or something.

    if i where single your best bet would be a dating page...
    Epic derailment:
    wierd memory work->Tamagochi->tetris->Starcraft2->thugs->Chess->german techno->Love parade->disaster->death..

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