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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Get a job in Sales

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke O View Post
    Get a job in Sales
    Hahaha nooooo
    I am dripping in Finesse.

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    I consider the most opposite people to me to be SJs, and yes, they are everywhere. It is often not interactions with individuals that I find grating, as many are pleasant, interesting, etc, but it's a pervasive mentality. It is not even about many basic values or interests, etc, as I can have much in common with these people being that so much of that is generational, cultural, etc. It is often an interpretation of reality, which seems how Ne & Si are at odds (for me). It is the assumed assumption of certain things about reality as immovable vs seeing the choice in perspective & how that causes a particular reality, and then being irritated when there is refusal to see other perspectives & how reality could be different. I also feel a clash with Te & Fe mentalities as far as what is important in a situation or how to determine value. A lot of stuff people get hung up on looks petty and arbitrary to me, and I guess I look irreverent to them.
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