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    Quote Originally Posted by raincheckx3 View Post
    4. Someone who is next to unoffendable.
    INTPs tend to lack tact, but also want and need to be brutally honest with thier intimate partners - they want someone who they can playfully insult, who will then either laugh in thier face or give it right back.
    This would be really great. Sometimes I just put my foot in my mouth... It's caused relationship troubles for me in the past. She was some sort of I_F_ (I'm new at guessing types )

    Quote Originally Posted by raincheckx3 View Post
    11. Someone capable of self reflection and self analysis.
    Often the INTP finds that they are the only one "growing" in a relationship, the only one who can see the problems in the relationship. This usually forces the INTP to be the one to change, to be the one to compromise for their partner. Because many non-INTPs have no true ability to self reflect the non-INTP thinks they are ALWAYS right. The INTP spends their life examining themselves and their relationship to see what they need to do to make it work. So they spend all their time critically analyzing it, and the mate does nothing but demand that they change. This will eventually lead to the spiritual DEATH of the INTP, if not the actual PHYSICAL death of the INTP. To avoid this, the INTP person NEEDS a mate who can examine the relationship WITH them, so they can grow TOGETHER."
    This sounds like bull

    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    This # seems to be from a young INTP (teens or early/mid 20's) who has not yet figured out that there's more to life and relationships than the vaunted detached analysis.

    Hopefully my bluntness does not offend. It shouldn't; after all, INTPs are almost unoffendable and expect their mates to be.
    Nailed it As an early 20s INTP without a clue about relationships I was not offended at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    3. Autonomy is important to my INTP, both for himself and as a principle. Playful domination is okay. Real attempts at domination do not so much crush him as turn him into an obstinate mule-head. Not fun.
    I agree with this, attempts at domination lead only to stubbornness. Nobody gets crushed...

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    All that's OK, and I can provide most of it...but isn't there a guide for understanding ENTJ women? (most of us become more "Feeling" at home) , something that explains INTP's that not everything has to be part of plan and that not everything comes with instructions.

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    Perfectly true and well stated. I'm an INTP female.

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