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    Default INTP and communication skills.

    I just wondering if anyone can relate to me on this.

    I consider myself shy, under my own definition, because I'm far from being a social butterfly, and I don't really have a lengthy list of relationships. My girlfriend of 3 years now is my first legitimate one, and I'm already 26.

    Ironically though, people don't consider me as shy. I even appear eloquent.

    I've thought of this for a while, but I have this mentality that, my need to understand the essence of everything (INTP trait) should be rivaled by an ability to express everything in detail. I know INTPs (at least online) that know this concept and thus have resorted to such things such as writing (I've always thought INTPs to be good writers, but more as a critic than an actually story teller). In my case, I guess I've consciously pushed things further and stood firm on a principle that this should also translate to something verbal. And it also helps that INTPs don't really care about societal imposed level of personal authority, so we talk to everyone just the same.

    Still though, I still have the usual INTP inhibitions (mild prejudice towards chit-chatters, superficiality, etc.).

    I just notice though that the introverted TJs aren't as driven to improve their communication skills. In my case for example, the college I've been to have lots of introverted young instructors (possibly, they're the INTJs or the ISTJs of the college a few years back who have graduated with honors. On paper, they look good, but teaching wise, they're just bad).

    I was thinking that the introverted TJs have the mentality that as long as they've credentials and achievements to back them up, as well as decent work ethics, they're no longer compelled to be good, communication-wise.

    On the other hand, the INTP may be driven to explain things, acting as a devil's advocate upon himself, to test if he really understand what he knows, because he's not relying on some external parameters (school grades, etc.).

    Any INTP here who have a similar drive with regard to this?

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    For some reason I write, but I don't write to 'critique' I write to tell a story. What I'm trying to achieve is good communication as itself, so that people can understand the stories, which is the goal, so communication is very important to me.

    I'm not compelled to idle chit-chat because it just seems boring to me. It's not really a prejudice, it's just that it bores me to tears, so I don't participate. Because of this, people think I'm really shy when I'm not. If I have to teach in front of a class, I draw all over the board and gesticulate like crazy, and I'm as loud as I need to be. I'm even better at getting my point across if I don't have a strict guide to follow when teaching.

    The way TJs work... if there's a goal in mind, they get to that goal. If the goal is teaching and communicating, even if it's not naturally their strong suit, they do what they believe is necessary. They may not be 'naturals' at it but NTJs are usually of the mind that if they set their minds to it, they can do anything, so they'll sure as hell try.
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    To answer your question, Cypocalypse: Yes. It seemed like I was reading about myself at times.

    Probably more than half of my conversations with people involve me either explaining, teaching, or describing something to them. I don't do this directly for their benefit though; I do it to reinforce my hopeful understanding of whatever topic is at hand. I'm always analyzing what I say and correcting myself during these conversations. I don't do this consciously, it's just natural for me to want clarification and understanding. This want or even need is automatically transferred into conversation. Kind of interesting, now that I think about it.

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    I'm not sure what you're asking, but I stumble with my oral communication because I can't find the precision of words I'm used to in my head and in writing.

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