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    The pictures I think in are clumsy, like unfinished comic-book panels. However, whenever I make or do something, I always know that it's not quite right because it didn't match the panel, even though the damn panel wasn't clear in the first place.

    When I think I need to express something in words, I'm immediately rehearsing what words I'm going to use in my head, trying to be as precise and clear as possible. I don't know if this is a leftover habit of me typing and writing too much, or if it's just normal behavior, though.

    And this says nothing of synethesia. :P

    I dunno... I have a very good semantic memory but a very bad episodic memory, like the trivia is squishing out all of the stuff that people 'reminisce' about and find 'really important' (trivia is more important?). It creates a lot of funny situations like I know that something's supposed to happen at 5:30, but I only have a vague idea of what it is even though I've done it before, and forgetting to put two and two together because not only is this a tidbit of information, it applies to the real world, too. It's not enough to know that something happens at 5:30, you must also be prepared for it and go there then... which I'll forget to do because it just doesn't really seem important until about two minutes before, and then I suddenly remember that aside from being interesting trivia, it's actually going to happen.
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    I know this is slightly off topic but I finally realized why, after reading this thread, whenever my friends want me to explain something, I always get stuck and doesn't know how to explain it to them, it's not because I don't know or understand what's going on, I just realized it is because I think in flashes of pictures and short video clips. When I am trying to explain to them, I will tell them my thoughts in a non-linear way, and then they will go all huh? and finding the right specific word to explain my thoughts is so hard.

    There are no words to describe it. Not only is a picture summoned, but I instantly know the past, present, and the future of the picture, and how the picture relates to other pictures similar to it. Pictures that I haven't even thought of yet. (I know this sounds strange)
    I can slightly relate to this. A picture flashes in my mind and then I get hit by some sort of striking discovery, so other pictures (which I never see before) starts zooming into my brain randomly and then the picture branches out to the other images in a slip shot way. I don't exactly know how to explain it.

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    Hmm... I think a lot of people with Aspergers have the INTx type, though I've known some to be extroverted (an odd combination) and there are probably a fair amount of ISTs or INFs in the mix.

    I have a fairly mild case of Aspergers and I'm an INTJ... though very strongly introverted.
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