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    Post Due to a stressful lifestyle I've taken up recently, I've had a type switch

    (if that makes any sense)

    I work for the military and I've recently been deployed to the middle-east. Over the last 6 months I've had a complete change in personality, wheras before I was clearly an ENFP, I'm now much closer to an INTP.

    This has it's ups and downs. A military environment isn't always the easiest for an ENFP to deal with, there's a lot of people without a sense of humor and a lot of the work is monotonous. Many people in the military find ENFPs to be annoying, and it leads to social problems that don't exist civilian-side. As an INTP I can definitely take care of things related to my job better, I'm an expert in almost everything I do in my job, and I've received much praise for this.

    The major drawback is I've turned into a complete asshole at times. I also have lost all respect for the rank structure which has caused a lot of issues when my superiors demand some level of respect, that I often times don't think they've earned. I've been snapping and digging into people, no matter what their rank, for very small reasons.

    I was wondering if any INTPs here could shed some light on ways of dealing with these sorts of issues, or have any advice in relation to balancing two mentalities. I don't want these personality patterns to continue after I get back, and I know it's harder to break an old mentality as preferred to a new one. Thanks for your thoughts, opinions, feedback et al.

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    Type doesn't change, if you were a mistyped ENFP it could make sense but if you're saying this is a result of stress the most likely explanation is that your inf-tert functions are running the show.

    See if you relate to this when under stress: Form of the inferior ENPs

    If you do not, check out the other types under stress here.

    The reason this matters is advice to someone who looks like an INTP under stress but isn't one should not be the same as someone who is an INTP or it would likely result in greater frustration.

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    Assuming you are ENFP, your inferior is Si. If your life had some major changes, possibly for worse (but not neccesarily so), you could just be stuck in your inferior, thinking back at your earlier life and how you want things to be like those times, and distancing yourself from your current one. Resulting in rebellious outbursts and bouts of frustration.

    I think that is much more likely than you completely changing your cognative function order to an entirely different type.

    Since you realize the issue though, you can now focus on trying to fit yourself in the reality you now find yourself in.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Thanks for the link, it was very informative and extremely accurate. In a field of work that values attention to detail, most of the personality differences have been viewed as positives, the problem being I make everyone else feel like shit.

    that link was extremely accurate, down to the frustration over incompetent co-workers and stupid/frivolous regulations.
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