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Can the lavishing of love conquer the permeation of abhorrence?

Another conundrum in the world of me.
What would cause you to feel such abhorrence?

Is killing necessary, when we have such powerful tools available as acceptance and love? Why dream of murder when such peaceful methods exist?
Killing implies that we've deemed some men unworthy of living. I believe the only judge should be God. But men have been believing we are mini Gods since time began. So, no, in the simplest terms, I do not believe killing humans is necessary. I also emphatically disagree with euthanasia.

Then I remember;

The power of love takes time, to steal takes minutes.
True. Temptation is great for all of us. That is why most of us who want to live in love call on a higher power. But once you believe in love, and live in love, you'll never want to live in the land of hate again.